Jehovah’s Witnesses Object To Heswall Pub’s Open-Air Plan

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  • Bangalore
  • dissed

    I loved the follow up comments:

    If god's interested he will hear your prayers anyway! Seeing as how you don't like birthdays, or christmas either, as well as food, or beer and wine he's more likely to join us for a swift half in the beer garden.

    So JG would find the meetings boring and have a pint instead?! This poster sounds like an Elder to me. Now if they showed sports on Televisions as well, the KH would be empty!

  • dissed

    And further comments:

    I've just realised what the grounds for this objection are - that Jehovah's Witnesses want to be left in peace. That really is rich!!

    The JW's, "Just leave us alone!"

    Dissed who says - "We are sooo close to the New Order, that you can almost taste it and even smell the decaying bodies!"

  • OnTheWayOut

    The area behind the premises directly joins onto a property owned by Heswall Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses – which says the application will create nuisance for people wishing to worship in peace.

    Ha. Jehovah's Witnesses are "people wishing to worship in peace." That's generally known as DO NOT DISTURB US.
    It is ironic that the ones who approach mourners in cemetaries and wake people up with a knock on Saturday morning are asking for peace.

    Talk about nuisance.

  • lepermessiah

    Man, I would have killed to have a place like this next to my hall.

    If I would have been an elder there, I would have fought the body in defense of the pub!!!

    The service meeting would have been "happy hour" for me since that is usually the most boring hour of them all.

  • WTWizard

    The witlesses would want life to stop after about 9 PM on Friday and Saturday nights, except for their own letter writing drives (yet they have been known to have boasting sessions run after 10 PM on school nights where children are stripped of opportunities to study for major unit tests). Then, they could have everyone up and knocking on doors at 6 AM every weekend. To that end, they will protest anything that might prevent people from being up and about waiting for the witlesses at 6 AM.

  • Bangalore

    Seems like they to an agreement.

    Pub and Jehovah's Witnesses come to agreement over outside drinking in Heswall.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    They should put a gate in the fence so that the dubbies don't need to drive to get to the pub after the meeting and can then leave from the KH carpark rather than the pub carpark after after a few refreshments.



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