$29,000.00 Tip Given - Notre Dame says, 'Oops... give it back!'

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Legally speaking, she might very well win this case. If that's the amount of gratuity and it's signed, that is considered a legal document. Depends on what kind of judge presides over the case. If it's a judge that has common sense, she's screwed. If it's a judge that ajudicates the law she's probably going to win.

    Morally she should have notified them of the mistake immediately.

  • PEC

    We had a $1200 deposit put the someone else's account once. When we got our statement at the end of the month, we went to the bank and the corrected the mistake. The account that it went in now had a negative balance, they had spent the money and they got to pay for thier stupidity. Mistakes are made all the time, if it isn't your money you can't keep it.


  • sacolton

    Why should we ever question someones gratuity?

    I seem to remember a story how someone got one of those junk mail cheques with the amount of $150,000. Just for fun, he took it to his bank to see if he could deposit it. Sure enough, it went through. Days and weeks pass by and the money was still in his account. It was driving him insane, so he contacted the sender of the cheque to let them know. They told him it wasn't a real cheque and hung up on him. A month later, the money was still there, so he went to the bank and had them transfer it to a money order. He took that money order of $150,000 and put it in his safety deposit box. The next day, the sender of the "fake cheque" contacts the bank and demands to return the funds. The bank investigates and the so-called fake cheque had the senders company real bank account number on it, so it was a legitimate cheque. Meanwhile, the guy is going nuts with this money in his safety deposit box and the sender and bank are battling it out ... the bank gives in and contacts the guy to demand he return the money. All he wants is the bank to admit it made a mistake and apologize for being rude to him on the phone. The bank won't apologize or admit anything. His lawyer says he did nothing wrong and isn't obligated to return the money, but he feels guilty - so he goes to the bank and takes the $150,000 cheque out of his safety deposit box and gives it to the bank. Still ... the bank did not apologize or admit any mistake.

  • only me
    only me

    The amount of the check should have been written both in numerals and in words and they shoould be the same.

    It might be easy to make a mistake with the numbers but there is a big difference writing 'twenty nine dollars and 87/100' and writing "twenty-nine thousand three hundred eighty seven dollars.'

    If the numbers and words matched, then she might have a case for keeping it. Though I think she should have done more to inquire about it.

  • Steve_C

    The amount of the check should have been written both in numerals and in words and they shoould be the same.

    Good point, Only Me. Years ago, when I worked at an S&L, if there was a discrepancy between the numerical and written amounts on a check, our policy was to go by the written portion.

    the bank did not apologize or admit any mistake.

    Sacolton, yours is at least the third experience that has mentioned this. I guess some banks feel that the old saying should be changed to "The customer is never right (so no need for apologies.)"

  • jeanniebeanz

    Last year, Rocker-Dude and I bought a new 'space foam' (lol) bed from The Mattress Firm. We also bought a new bed for Little Rocker-Dude and some other things so the total was just shy of 3k.

    The bill never came and never came and never came. We were really busy so honestly didn't notice until about three months later. At that point, I worried that they had been sending the bill to the wrong address and we were seriously behind on the note. I took the purchase papers and ran to the store.

    Imaging my shock as I found a man standing at the counter shouting at the finance manager, 'Look! I've been saying this for two months... we were pre-approved for a purchase but didn't make it. I never bought any bed here... Stop this collection action or I'll sue!" Fire Eyes

    I sheepishly walked up to the counter since I recognized this man and his wife from the day we bought our beds... "Um... I think I can help here. We never got billed for our purchase. About three months ago..." I handed my purchase papers to the finance manager while the other gentleman stood there staring.

    The finance manager turned bright red, and then looking at the other gentleman said, "Sir, I have determined the source of the problem."

    The poor guy... I wonder how long they would have harrassed this poor guy...



    Wealthy people and organizations,leave Staggering Tips all the time..

    I`m talking obscene amounts of money..LOL!!

    She may very well win this case..


  • ohiocowboy

    I wonder if the negative publicity will cause the caterer to lose more than $29,000 in lost sales? People will recognize the name Sara Gaspar and run the other way. Karma can work in interesting ways...

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