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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    C was a very good friend of mine. It was entirely platonic, though while I was older than her, I had been counseled that I was tempting 'fornication' by being there for her through her marital distress. [Wifey both approved and was there too BTW].

    Anyway, the dream was long and emotional. C and I were at a house, maybe a party of some sort. Other Jw's were there too, including an elder that I love to hate nowadays for his self-righteousness. During parts of the dream she was actually cuddled up in my arms, though it was not sexual. More like a daughter/father hold. She was weeping, and our discussion was about the 'truth'. I was affirming her constant murmer about how she could not believe it, but knew it was not the 'truth'. Seemed like I held her for hours. Her father, another powerful elder in the congo, made a cameo. But she stuck with me instead of following his lead. I was being disparaged on all sides for 'associating' with her - I was the corrupter in their minds of this soul.

    The end of the dream was odd. My wife appeared as supporting cast, and as we walked to the car to leave, I realized that I had no pants on. I had left them somewhere at the venue. Take off of the old 'I am naked at school' dreams of my childhood. Some insecurity leaking into this dream. I never did locate my trousers, and ended up leaving without them. On the way out I saw a few other Jw's, and most of them spoke to me briefly as they headed to bed in what seemed to be a giant household of some sort.

    Finally, we pulled away. I was fully aware of a connection with C now, and felt sure she would contact me soon as her journey out of the Watchtower continued.

    I woke up in a very emotional state. I love this person. We were like best friends for many years - we were both married, but we loved each other as much as if we were true brother and sister - well perhaps we were. I sometimes miss her friendship so greatly that I ache inside. But I have never made any attempt to contact her since leaving - the last contact I had was when she recieved a copy of my DA letter, now 3 years ago.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I don't think I believe in ESP or spirit connections [though I am open to thinking about it yet] - but if I did, I would have been convinced she was trying to contact me in this dream. It was that real.


  • Jim_TX

    She may be thinking of you - or trying to get in touch.

    Look her up and give her a call - or send a postcard - or whatever.


    Jim TX

    P.S. Take a spare pair of pants in your car - just in case.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Jim you cracked me up about the pants! She is pretty dyed in the wool, and would likely not respond. I hope she calls someday - she might be waiting for the death of the high priest.


  • Heaven

    I don't think I believe in ESP or spirit connections [though I am open to thinking about it yet]

    That's a very powerful dream, Jeff. I believe that there are things we don't understand yet but if you understand that everything is energy in some form, then I think it is possible that she may need you now. I don't see what it can hurt to give her a call. Once you're talking to her, you can tell her about the dream if it seems right. I say go for it.

  • coffee_black

    I wonder if there is some kind of common symbolism at work here in the dream being located in a house. I have a recurring dream (not often) about touring a house...usually a very large house with lots of rooms. At one point I open a door, usually a closet and am instantly at an district assembly packed with lots of people... usually between sessions, so everyone is talking or looking for seats. I usually stay and look for people I know for a while and then leave through the door. Pretty easy to figure out what's going on in this dream... and I like the idea of being able to close the door.

    Hope your friend gets in touch with you...


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Yes, it was very powerful. I woke pretty shaken actually. I hope she does need to talk - though I can't risk calling her now. I don't think I could take the impact of her hanging up on me due to my status as DA'd. Likely she would.

    The large house is interesting, CB. The feeling I had was that I didn't belong in there [so I suppose it symbolized the religion], but I was pretty aggressive in moving about as I wished it seems. C did not leave with me though. Maybe she is not sure or not ready?

    Her father's appearance is interesting. He was the elder that married my wife and I. I was also sitting in his living room when they brought C home from the hospital after her birth. [I was maybe 15]. I was very close to her dad before she was born and for years afterward. Later I saw him for what he was - a big shot in the congo, weilding a broom and duster at night. He was a slave holder, used his kids as free labor for his cleaning business. Also exploited his MIL and his mother as well for cheap wages. He cheated many employees over the years - including me. He became an asshole elder. They kicked him out of his eldership for a while. He kissed a bunch of ass to get back. He later headed a JC to disfellowship me for apostacy, having never bothered to actually speak to me after I left to find the reasons. He always played nepotism.


  • teel

    I believe the dreams are only reflections of thoughts in conscious state.

    I also had a JW dream, though not this emotional, yet funny. I was in a movie, and a sex scene started, when I realized the elders from my congregation were sitting behind me. The most devoted elder leaned forward to me, and asked me: "Are you going to watch this?" That's all I remember. I can tie this to my thoughts about increasing thought police.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I quite often find myself dreaming about being in public places without my trousers.

    It is very frustrating. I have been caught out many, many times, but still haven't learned my lesson.

    In real life a train load of tourists might have passed me a couple of times while I was asleep on a rock in Oz, but I didn't wake up for that and it doesn't bother me whether a train went past or not, but it really bothers me when a dream finds me trying to buy a non-existent brand of beer in the supermarket and suddenly realising that there is a cool breeze whistling through the wedding tackle and that the car is parked on the other side of the street next to the Christian charity shop where my Mother in Law was just talking to the Chief of Police who has just been searchimg my garage for ................. and on and on

  • Chalam

    Hi Jeff,

    Cool dream!

    I think it is all good. I pray it "comes to pass" i.e. that the things represented symbolically in the dream happen in real life (though not literally!).

    For sure, it bodes well for C, she is coming out, amen! I don't think you need to call her, you will surely run into her when the time comes.

    I agree, with your interpretation of the house, it symbolises the religion. I feel the lack of pants symbolises the truth in one sense. You are happy to expose your true feelings. Did any of the JWs not remark on your missing pants or where they just blind to the fact?

    All the best,


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