Jehovah's Witnesses participating in sports?

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    I can understand and appreciate their concerns but I have noticed that it does present the JW with tough choices. The JW couple we saw at the soccer practice only did it for the first season. They did not return on the second season. My wife said more than once of these people that they "Put God First" and that they never practiced "on meeting nights" or when they "could be out in field service" (or as WTWizard puts it 'Field circus').


    The whole 'unbaptized' exception is something I could not help but note in examining some of the WT teachings. The elder who my wife and I do our "Bible Study" with has a college degree in pharmacy. When attending one of their assemblies, I noted that the witnesses discourage pursuing a college education. Since my wife is in college, this must have bothered her because she started talking about quitting college so that she can "teach for Jehovah." When I probed her about the change of heart, she indicated that she is tired of pursuing the degree and feels she should be able to teach (pre-school) without it. Then she indicated that she feels that Jehovah would prefer that she "puts Kingdom interest first."

    I said, "I see your point but does that mean no one should get any college education? What about the elder who you study with? Doesn't he have a degree?"

    She replied, "Yes, but he got it before he was baptized." I replied, "Well isn't that convenient. Take the good things from the 'world' while you are not baptized, then get baptized and spend the rest of your years 'serving Jehovah.'" Sounds a little hypocritical to me.

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    Black Sheep the quote you referenced is not mine but Dissed's......


    The peer pressure can be intense depending on the BOEs "personality". As a born-in I can tell you there has never been a JW child who didn't desire the option of participation. I personally was banned from any and all extracircular activities unless I was living with my non-JW dad and spent my time in (you guessed it)...FS!........Sure walking up and down neighborhoods with a bookbag full of litertrash has some excercising benefits but I sure preferred track, softball, volleyball, cheerleading or ballet!

    My children are very active in non-FS activities and a week doesn't go by without some admonishment or put-down by someone in the KH.

    Besides what is the freakin' point to FS when we are in the throes of change that hasn't been paramount to WTS survival since Rutherford!

    Sign your daughter up to whatever activity she desires as it is your paternal 'right'.......

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    No, the policy has not changed. JWs should avoid any unnecessary contact with non-JWs, which includes extracurriculur activities. However, you always have a rogue witnesses in each congregation.

    Me and all of my siblings heavily participated in sports and school clubs for most of our pre-college years. My mom was all for it and encouraged it. She used the fact that our dad was not a JW as her excuse. People could not complain, we never missed a meeting and were regular in the ministry (key to keeping down complaints). In hindsight, it was one of the best decisions as a JW that my mom ever made.

    However, once we were out of high school and headed to college (a sin in itself)...our dad could no longer be our scapegoat for participating in sports.

    Let the kid play soccer!!! It builds character and social confidence...especially in girls.

    Now about the college thing...there are a TON of adult born-in JWs that regret that they did not get a college education. There are many JW adults that have returned to school to get their BA and many that are pursuing their MBA online. The opinion about college varies by congregation as well. Tell your wife to finish school, tell her it will give her options and more for Jehovah to work with. Tell her to think about how it will be easier to reach the educated if she has a degree (which is somewhat true).

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    I have no intentions of allowing my unbaptized JW wife disallowing sports or other extra curricular activities for my daughter so long as my daughter desires it. As I pointed out in the "Blood Doctrine Debate' thread, my wife can "hide behind my headship" if it suits her purpose (though I will admit that there is something dishonest on her part in this approach). Personally, I would like for my wife to start thinking for herself and stop parroting the Watchtower (which may never happen but I will still keep planting the seeds).

    Cute picture, I haven't seen that show in years.


    Regarding her college, she is forced to go since her job requires the degree and is footing the bill for all of the expenses. If she quits, we will have to pay it all back. Besides, I have my degree also and even though it took a lot out of me time wise, I do not regret the experience.


    To illustrate the whole difference between what the Watchtower teaches and what is being taught in Christianity, let me turn your attention to today's (September 17th) devotional on Our Daily Bread (entitled 'The Thinking Christian'). As we were going over this in our devotional group, I could not help but think of what the Watchtower teaches regarding independent thinking. Today's devotional actually encourages it (read the first paragraph).

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    Jerry Hairston Jr on the New York Yankees is a JW

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