Where do I find a good man

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  • Hope4Others

    Caliber i told you to never post my picture of my body building days.....hehehe

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    yea I agree, the description u gave of men seemed kinda trashy. I wouldn't even know where to find the type of man u are describing. Step into better bars

  • caliber
    Caliber i told you to never post my picture of my body building days.....hehehe

    why .....because you look so "constipated " in this picture ?? I told you don't strain so much ..just let nature take it's course !! ..

  • Hope4Others

    I think guys and girls have both changed these days, no one takes sh*t. They do what they want and some women think they can do the

    one night stands like men and not be scathed buy it. I hate to see women use foul language. I don't mind dainty small tattoo's I've been thinking of one myself even at my age.....hehe I did get a belly ring this year for my 52 birthday and hubby likes it.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Well I agree that whatever floats your boat is right for you. Ya do have to recognize dangerous behavior though. Some of your complaints seem very dysfunctional. Can u find yourself without the toxic behavior or meds?

    We are here for you

  • caliber

    As you get older and your wedding ring gets too tight ....why just turn it into a belly ring

    ( give new meaning to the term.."till death do we part " )

  • LouBelle

    there are good men and women out there, but they are the ones that don't just settle for any thing that comes along, rather be single than have headaches.

  • AGuest

    Define "good." And, given today's culture and how hard today's young folks are trying to look past the "outer" person and not judge "books" (or men, or women) by their "covers," I would say, yes, you are an "old fart." But I mean that in the nicest way, truly -


    SA, on her own...

  • moshe

    OK- izzy- your name is way too long, anyway , times have changed! -from 1930-1960 the main criteria for a "good man" , was this:

    a good job

    you come from a good family

    you only go out bowling or playing pool with the guys one night a week.

    you take a bath at least once a week

    and a car was the clincher.

    That's about it. Go back many millenia and it was just two- food and shelter. Manners hadn't been invented yet, so the good family-bad family stigma was not a problem for anybody- and bathing done was only during the rainy season.

    Izzy, I suggest to take up dancing lessons, yes ballroom dance classes. It builds social skills and you meet a lot of nice people. Some ladies won't go out with a guy unless he can dance, so that helps your case. If you have a BMI that says you are obese, then work on that, too.

    The second thing I would advise is to spend your extra money on your smile, not a fancy car. An inviting smile makes all the difference in the world. I speak from experience. I had $7000 worth of comestic dentristry done in 1999 and it worked wonders for my social life. I think I looked 10 years younger, too. I don't want to say that women are snobby, but having a dynamite smile made me more confident and women love a confident man. I found my darling wife six months later or maybe, she found me.

    Good luck.

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