We went to the meeting last night...

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  • sir82
    What it boils down to is that the Society refuses to accept what most other churches and schools learned generations ago...children have a limited attention span and cannot be expected to remain still and quiet the same as an adult...

    What it really boils down to is that the GB finds children contemptible, a necessary evil to be tolerated, and would prefer that they act like mature adults all of the time.

    Over the organization's history, most of the bigwigs / GB members never had children, and quite a few never even married. This led to a culture of utter disregard for the realities of childhood, which culture is now part of the deeply ingrained "spiritual heritage" that the organization is so proud of.

  • scotinsw
    I totally wouldnt ever allow it to happen in a congregation im ever in.

    AE unless you're one of the elders you wouldn't have any influence! Remember, women are second class citizens in the org.

    When I was a child (in the 80s) the children all had to sit still and listen. I have noticed a relaxing of this in recent years though and a child making some noise wouldn't be taken out automatically. However, if it is preventing others from hearing then it is only good manners to take the child out the back.

  • WTWizard

    Are they just playing nice to lure you back into activity? I think that is the case--sometimes they will do that for a while, and then gradually tighten things back up. You will soon have to follow dress code rules, silence the baby, and eventually be hounded when you miss another boasting session. And then all too soon it's back out in field circus, then pio-sneering (especially if you were once doing it).

    I suggest that, now that you have seen the new Kingdumb Hell, to make a quick retreat while you still can. Before they can start phasing in the strict rules. Before they see that you are on this site and hound you to quit going onto these sites (or get rid of the computer altogether). Or, you might find yourself either being hounded to return for good (including pio-sneering, and the whole nine yards) or disfellowshipped.

  • teel

    What I've seen in my KH it that the general attitude towards children is definately that they should be small versions of adults. We were reminded countless times not to give toys to children, no matter how young, but if he's old enough (meaning over 1.5-2 years) give him a piece of paper and a pen, and have him "take notes" - draw a line every time he hears the word "Jehovah". Way to go boring a kid to death.

  • sacolton

    Cognac, you still have your "NO BLOOD" card?

  • brinjen

    Can't remember exactly what age I was when my mother started receiving lectures about me going to sleep during the Thursday night meetings... it was before I started school. All I remember about those meetings is a continuous blur of boredom. Of having to sit still, maybe have a book to look at the pictures in, which would keep me occupied for about 5 minutes... did the marking on a piece of paper everytime I heard a key word as well. Generally spent most of the time bored out of my brain and wishing the thing would end so I could go home and go to bed.

  • dissed


    Our daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. She was a handful. There was absolutely no understanding from the Elders and her condition. My poor wife. Because I did the School. BS, and WT, she carried the heaviest load of keeping our daughter under control. The judgemental treatment she received from other Elders wives was appalling.

    We stopped attending when she was 5 years and is now 18. I asked her recently, how much she remembers and she answered nothing, except for how mean people were to her and she remembers mom crying in the bathroom one time.

    I really liked Wilyloman's idea of a special training for children. Don't you think you would have been less bored in a child's school? Makes too much sense for the JW's to do something like that.

  • brinjen
    I really liked Wilyloman's idea of a special training for children. Don't you think you would have been less bored in a child's school? Makes too much sense for the JW's to do something like that.

    Absolutely! That's why most churches have sunday school isn't it? Because children have different needs and just aren't able to understand, let alone concentrate on a sermon. I went to a baptist church once when was around 7 or 8... (didn't tell my mother of course) I thought the sunday school was awesome, time just flew by for me.

    I don't think I was ADHD. I did struggle with concentrating and spent most of the time in the meetings day dreaming while keeping an eye out for when there was some interaction required (like a scripture to look up). I learnt that was the best way to avoid the back room and at the same time make the meetings go a little quicker.

    That's appauling how they treated your daughter. There were a couple of kids who were 'ADHD-like' (not sure if they were every diagnosed) and yes, they were always at the back of the hall, parents getting glares from the rest. I remember one Awake! TM (think it was around the early 90's?) article that said children should not be seen as little adults... and thinking 'but that's how they're treated in the kingdom hall'. It's child abuse, simple.

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