New JW email doing the rounds. Barf buckets on standby!

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  • Simon

    Damn, if only the farmer had missed, shot the boy, the bullet bounced around (like JFK) killing the mother too ... thus sparing us this vomit inducing email.

    Yeah, I know ... I'm heartless.

    BTW: in my story, the alligator is the last fatality and the farmer gets a nice pair of boots so it's not all bad !

  • dissed

    This could be the making of a good WT study article. Entitled "The perils of the pond in Satan's World. Will you stay afloat safe from the false Aligator Apostates of this World?"

    The boy would stand for those weak ones that race off to JWN sites. His clothes being shed? Not reading WT publications for protection.

    The pond? The WWW, as represented by JWN

    The alligator? Satans agents at JWN

    The Farmer? That's easy, the GB ever on the watch, protecting the 'Other Sheep'

    The truck? World headquarters of JW's publishing books of truth

    The Rifle? God instrument of truth producing 'flashes' of light

    The bullets? WT's being shot out of Bethel, killing the false ideas of JWN

    The Mother? The local Elders doing all in their power to save the flock from the clutches of JWN

    The Home? The local KH, a place of safety

    The hospital? The Judicial comittee lovingly healing the boy from all the falsehoods infecting him from JWN

    The reporter? The UN. The WT partner in spreading the Kingdom message

    When this WT rolls out, just remember, I get full credit, you heard it here first.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    You should see the one I just got from a really lovely, talented, artistic, born-in girl.

    It is no copy & paste job. It is straight from her deluded heart.

    All I can do is drop the occasional seed when she is around. If any have taken root she is doing a very good job of hiding them.

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