New Songbook Songs for download at

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  • cattails

    The New Songbook's Songs Piano arrangement and the Choral Voice versions are available for download at

  • shamus100


  • yknot

    WHY WHY WHY......the piano arrangement!!!!

    I wanted to sing the production version of the songs 6 times a week

  • donuthole

    "ever loyal to their guidance
    when our brothers take the lead
    when they give us their direction
    may our minds and heart give head"


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Yet still no ebook downloads of their publications....

  • donuthole

    It is interesting the character of some of the misty-eyed new songs that speak of growing old, dying, or appreciating the patience of God in delaying the end. A bit difference than the older tunes that had the theocratic nation marching triumphant into the new system.

    I also have a brief research question --

    Can anyone recall which songs (if any) in the current (brown) song book mention the name of Jesus? The songs about Christ that I can recall, such as "Hail Jehovah's First Born", don't speak of the name of Jesus. Would be curious if the new book continues the trend of eliminating the name of Christ.

    EDIT: In answer to my above question --

    Here are some songs that mention the name Jesus in the old book, 134, 101, 139, 122, 115, 106, 22, 168, 147, 123. Without lookin at potential lyric changes the new book only retains 123 - "Move Ahead", which mentions Jesus in the verse, " There is a place in the service for all;
    It is the work Jesus did, you'll recall."

    EDIT: In answer to my above answer :-)

    Looks like my list above isn't complete. :-)

  • donuthole

    Can add these to the list -- a bunch more

    "Gaining Jehovah's Friendship
    Sharing Joyfully In The Harvest
    Proof of Discipleship
    Make The Truth Your Own
    Join in the Kingdom Song
    What Sort of Person's Ought We To Be?
    Keep On Seeking First The Kingdom
    A Victory Song
    Our Possesion of Peace
    Worship Jehovah During Youth
    Welcome One Another!
    Take Sides With Jehovah!
    Move ahead!
    Life Everlasting is Promised
    The Lord's Evening Meal
    Jehovah Provider of Escape
    The Power of Kindness
    Living Up To OUr Name
    From House to House
    Fear Them Not!
    Christian Dedication
    Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order
    God's Promise of Paradise

  • dinah

    I've got to download and burn them for my Mom.

  • Finally-Free

    Crap, my favourite kingdom malady is missing - #23 "the bible's hope for mankind". I'll just have to keep listening to the midi version from here:


  • sir82
    From House to House


    That piece of dreck made the cut into the new book?!?!


    Guys....Harold King has been dead for've paid your debt to him....bury the song already.

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