THE NEW COVENANT ADVOCATE - is there a request?

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  • RR

    Okay, before I make them available, who is interested in the complete set of E.C. Henninges journal, THE NEW COVENANT ADVOCATE?

    Henninges started the largest schism in the Bible Students next to the 1917 schism, when in 1909 he challenged Russell on his views of the New Covenant. He was the branch manager in the U.K. before Russell sent him to Australia. He married Rose Ball [Henninges].

    THE NEW COVENANT ADVOCATE was published from 1909 to 1944. I have ALL the issues. If you're interested let me know so I can get to work!


  • cabasilas

    I'm very interested! Are you considering making PDFs of them?

  • Atlantis


    I am very interested in getting the entire file. I have posted a few issues before, but would appreciate all of them.

    Many thanks!

    Cheers! Atlantis!

  • designs

    I've spoken with some of the Free Bible Students in Australia, nice group.

  • RR

    It's going to be a big file, each year pdf'd and searchable.


  • cabasilas

    Thanks, RR!!

    I once owned a commentary (I believe it was on the book of Hebrews) that Rose Ball Henninges helped write. Wish I still owned it, but sold it when I was short of cash.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Go to it pal.



  • Leolaia

    That would be awesome! Did Rose write in the journal? I would be interested to know what her views were, and the extent to which she and Ernest retained views other than pertaining to the New Covenant.

    OH YEAH .... are there any photos of Rose Ball therein??

  • RR

    HI Leo, I've never seen any photos of Rose Ball, at least none that I can remember. She survive E.C. and took over the editorial of the journal. She also wrote poems that were published in the volumes and Tabernacle Shadows. After the split they were still published, but she was no longer credited, actually, only her initials appeared in the early editions.


  • PSacramento

    May I ask what is the "big deal" about this ?

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