Sister Williams, the brothers would like to see you in the back of the the hall!!

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    I didn't see the incident but I gather that the issue is that certain famous, rich, or otherwise favored JW's don't seem to be treated the way everyone else is. In the past there have been questions about Michael Jackson, Prince, and other athletes and musicians who quit their careers when they became JW's.

    If a committee meeting was held concerning this tennis incident, but the elders didn't know the identity of the person, I wonder what "sentence" they would hand down. Over the decades, I've read several stories where people who gave money to the WT or members of the GB were treated with kid gloves. We all know the WT is corrupt from top to bottom so none of this is any surprise.

    My child was molested and I exposed a dozen congregations. In return, after I quit, a "local needs" talk was given about me. I'm sure that the hypocrites in Bethel will let this tennis outburst slide. I'd be surprised if even one elder says more than 2 sentences to her about her conduct. I don't know how much money they donate to the WT or if either is baptized, but I doubt that the WT wants to rock the boat.

    If you JW lurkers read this thread, this is what the Bible means about "two sets of scales/weights". The GB and the elders are guilty of corrupt judgment much of the time and this will probably be another case in a long list. It's called "PROSTITUTION". Some translations call it being a whore, a slut, or worse. You JW's love to call names about anyone and everyone you can think of in the world, especially those who quit the WT, expose your lies, or refuse to join. It's a shame you cannot see your own blindness. The biggest harlot in the world today is the Watchtower.

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