A Jehovah’s Witness With A New Technique For Proselytizing: “Coffin Chasing”

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  • VIII

    My Mother


    We were at my aunts funeral..

    Everyone was talking about my aunt being in heaven..

    My mom said my aunt was`nt in heaven..She was Dead!

    Very embarrasing..LOL!!


  • lancelink

    wow they actually care?

    My Mother died a year ago, she was a baptised JW for thirty years.

    My parents moved away to another state ten years ago.

    When she died about only five people just sent a card. NO ONE stopped over to "console" me, or even called on the phone.

    I'm happy to see that they are more focused on total strangers instead of people from their own congregation.

  • DaCheech

    they only send cards to the ones that they can count the hours for

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I've recenty had a number of ambulance chasers seek me out. Trying to apply to my emotions. Gag and fuck all of u. It's sic sick sick that u tried to take advantadge when I was down. Well, suprise u cannot appeal to emotion when I am not emotional at all.

    JW's doing this remind me of wedding crashers when they resorted to crashing funerals. Pretty gross?

  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    I remember when my grandad died of cancer. His 24 year old son who had left the truth a couple of years previously was at the funeral, which was a very JW funeral, it was essentially a watchtower study with the odd mention of the coffin in the corner.

    Anyway, after the funeral, the rest of the family, all in the truth, were saying things like "hopefully this will make him think" & stuff like that. I remember finding that quite weird even then, & i was only 10 years old at the time & therefore still a believer (although with doubts galore).

  • sir82

    Several years ago we had a CO who recommended graveyard witnessing. Drive to the graveyard, look for someone mourning, sneak up on them and offer a tract. Those unlucky enough to be assigned to work with him in field service would sometimes start their "service time" by doing this.

    I was pretty well indoctrinated then but even so, I found that to be horribly repulsive.

  • BluesBrother

    It is not only cemetery witnessing that is recommended, the actual culling of the addresses of bereaved ones and letter writing is an official suggestion..NB I have not met anybody with the crass tactless attitude to actually do it, but evidently some do. The blame rests with Brooklyn for suggesting it .

    KM 1/70 p 8

    "A crippled sister in Philadelphia finds it necessary to carry on most of her witnessing activity by writing letters. She keeps very busy in her service to Jehovah and she enjoys good success in her work, receiving many replies to her letters. What does she write in her letters? To whom does she write? Where does she get her addresses?.........................

    Many in the congregation know that this sister has had good success in witnessing by mail. So they give her names and addresses of individuals to whom they would like her to write. She writes to individuals that she and other publishers have met in the hospital. One brother met a businessman who lived in another part of the country. This man showed interest in the truth. So the brother gave his name and address to this sister, who continued to develop the interest by mail. Some names she gets from the obituary column. Or if there is information in the local paper about new mothers, or engaged individuals, she writes them, sharing good news from the Scriptures to encourage them as they embark upon their new responsibilities. The overseer has gone into the lobbies of apartment houses where the publishers cannot get in to witness, and he has copied the names and apartment numbers off the mailboxes so that this sister can contact these individuals by mail. Names and addresses have been obtained from the phone book as well as other sources."

  • dogon

    I used to hear them say from the platform that older ones who could not get out to go from door to door could read the news papers and write those who had recently lost a loved one to try to start a study. I know of several criple witnesses who would spend all day withing letters. It is nothing more than them being a virus trying to find a weakness so they can infect someone with thier brand of crazy jesus shit.

  • BluesBrother

    Resurrecting this thread because of a paragraph in today's Watchtower study (Sept 20) that advocates what we have called 'coffin chasing':

    WT July 15 page 19 para 19

    "The love we show is noted by others. For instance a pioneer sister in the United States writes letters to comfort those who have lost loved ones in death. In reply one man wrote : "My first reaction was one of surprise that a person would put such effort into writing a letter to a total stranger in order to help him endure trying times. I can only conclude that you have a love for your fellow man and for the God who guides him along the paths of life."

    Enough said !

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