Meal nights for meeting nights

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    As a JW I had an elder and 2 kids to feed. Because of the elder we always had to be at the hall early - not an easy thing between homework and dinner.

    So meeting nights I had a set schedule of things to cook and serve that were easy to make, eat and clean up after. My ex is Italian so pasta was a staple in our house except on meeting nights - couldn't have red spaghetti sauce splattered on clothes. There was rarely enough time to eat and dress after dinner to rush to the meeting so I had to be careful what I served

    • Casseroles were good - leftovers easily wrapped and refrigerated.
      • Tuna with noodles
      • Macaroni and cheese
      • Shepherd's Pie
    • Chicken and rice as long as it wasn't barbecue chicken.- that red sauce again
    • Stir-fry as long as I had everything prepared ahead of time

    Non-meeting nights were for the pastas, barbecues, ham, with vegetables and potatoes or rice.

    But when I left it was so nice not to have to stick to some kind of meeting night food. I get to eat what I want when I want and if I have to go out I just dress afterwards.

    I can't be the only one who did this

  • Finally-Free

    LL, I never ate that well on meeting nights.

    I can't count how many arguments I had with my ex over meals on meeting nights. I used to do very heavy work in a machine shop for 10 hours a day, so when I came home I was very tired and very hungry. On meeting nights my ex used to make us each a bowl of lipton chicken noodle soup and a sandwich, and she had a habit of putting almost nothing between the slices of bread. If you pulled the bread apart the peanut butter would be almost transluscent, it was that thinly spread. But I never once complained about it.

    That wasn't the cause of our fights though. Our fights started when I'd make myself a peanut butter sandwich after the meeting and she'd blow a fuse at me. I put up with that crap for 16 years.

    And people wonder why I don't date, remarry, or move in with someone now that I'm free.

    I'd rather burn out my own eyes.


  • jeanniebeanz

    (((((((((((FF)))))))))) Dreadful...

    LL, We usually had home-made soup or something else simple, but filling. Stuffed baked potatoes with meat and chees was popular as were pot pies or meatloaf. My ex was a timberfaller and would come home pretty hungry. I would never have him go hungry, even if it made us a little late for the meetings. If we cut it too close, I'd rinse and stack the dishes and put the food away, cleanup after the meeting.


  • dinah

    I'm amazed at how my mother did it. She flew home from work, cooked dinner for my Dad and me, then off to the meeting we go. Thursday nights we would get home around 10:00, and she got up and went to work at 6 am. How did she do it?

    When I got older, I cooked dinner (and cleaned the house so she wouldn't have to). See! I was a good daughter, just left the religion.

  • jookbeard

    when we were kids , those cold boring winter nights on a Thursday after the meeting were always softened by a piping hot bag of chips on the way home in the car, with plenty of salt and vinegar

  • Gram

    Our school and TMS was on a Friday night. We ordered pizza from the KH phone (before cell phones) and it was ready to be picked up by the time we got there. We always ate at 10:00 p.m. on Friday nights.

    The Book Study was at our house, so whatever my mom cooked, we had to be sure there were no "food" odors in the house by 7:30 p.m.

  • WTWizard

    I never had a major problem--I worked evenings (and had no family, obviously). However, I have seen others who would throw something together on boasting session nights. And, since they were out in field circus all day (fast, good-tasting poison for lunch), this cannot possibly be good for one's health. Quick breakfast before field circus, quick lunch and then more field circus, quick supper and then a boasting session, and they wonder why they are getting sick and dying in their 40s and 50s.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Lady Lee......"a capable wife who can find..." .....thats all I remember, I get hungry after the meeting....for sedatives and booze to numb the pain of being a fully blown faker! okay and maybe alittle

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Wow soup and sandwich? that was lunch in my house growing up and never for a meeting night. The last thing my mother would have wanted was the sound of our tummies rumbling their way through a meeting.

    My mother grew up on farms so any soup she made was nutricious. I, on the other hand, can't make a decent home-made soup so it wasn't a consideration when I was married.

    I also could not imagine feeding my children so little that they needed anything to eat after the meeting and before bed. Eating right before bedtime always gives me nightmares so I avoided it with the kids. But those fries sure sound good.

    "food odors" I remember that too. So never fish or cabbage rolls or broccoli or stew (another thing I can't cook)

  • scotinsw

    Jookbeard, the highlight of a Thursday night was going to the local chip shop for chips and loads of Edinburgh brown sauce.

    It made up for having to hang around at the hall as my dad was an elder at the time and always having to deal with things.

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