Derren Brown - How to Control the Nation

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Derren Brown has a series of popular shows running in the UK at the moment called The Events. This week's episode purported to show him predicting the national lottery numbers live on television; he employs suggestion, mentalism, psychology and trickery in his work and in this instance it was mostly camera trickery.

    Next week's looks interesting, he claims he will use the power of suggestion to prevent people from being able to get out of their seats at home.

    The good thing about Derren Brown is that he never claims to be psychic or have special powers; his act often reveals how so called spiritualists were able to give the impression of special powers when all that was involved was illusion.

    The best part is that he is bringing into the public domain information about the power of mind control. It may be entertainment but I really love the fact that this stuff is out there and make dubs so uncomfortable.

  • passwordprotected

    Very, very interesting stuff.

  • MissingLink

    He is amazing. I'll definitely be glued to my seat next friday!

  • cantleave

    Yep DB is the real life mentalist. He is a showman and illusionist. I haven't yet heard any dub say he's demonised - it bound to be said sooner or later.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I haven't yet heard any dub say he's demonised - it bound to be said sooner or later.

    I've heard dubs say it.

  • besty

    Met his agent a few times in London - apparently Derren is very forgetful in 'real life' - LOL - not turning up for meetings that sort of thing...

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Must be the deemonz Paul. They mess with his diary.

    It's his own fault for dabbling in things which "smack of spiritism".

  • villabolo

    Reminds me of the magician James Randi author of Flim Flam and other books debunking psychics and the occult.


  • glenster

    Another "Flim Flam" fan! I think the Project Alpha plan was similar:

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