(former) Sis. LaToya Jackson on 20/20

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  • ShirleyW

    I know she sometimes comes off as a wackjob (as do most Jdubs, which she was formerly) but how many of you are buying the Michael was murdered story?

    I must say that when she was married to Jack Gordon (whom on tonights show was once again mentioned that she was abused by him) the both of them regularly appeared on Howard Stern's radio show. She dropped two bombshells on Howard's show that I remember, although we're going back ten or more years:

    Confirmed that Janet was married, to I think his name was Rene, something or the other last name, TRUE

    Called in saying that she feared for the life of either Jackie's or Tito's wife . . . about a week later she was found dead in the pool. TRUE

    About a month or so before that, the daughter of the deceased appeared with Jack Gordon on Howard's show as an up an coming singer

    Another thing she mentioned was that Michael got his skin lightening treatment/lotion from Marlon Brando's son who was living in Tahiti at the time. well, taking into account the above two which were proved positive, needless to say, I'm sure the majority would say that Brando's son had a part in the whitening of Michael's skin.

    So, I'm kinda buying in to the murder thing. . . .

  • mrsjones5

    Well it is being called a homocide investigation by the police

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I doubt it was intentional. Reckless homicide, maybe? Michael has to be blamed for his part in the mess. It is pretty over the top to have yourself put to sleep each night with an anesthetic used for surgery.

    It is a shame because he left behind 3 kids who loved him.

  • JimmyPage

    I watched this interview. Latoya came off, as usual, as a mentally unstable person who cannot be believed. Some things never change.

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