JWs and Aliens

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  • JerkhovahsWitless

    When I was a little kid, I knew someone who's older brother claimed aliens were demons trying to lead people away from the bible. That's about it though. Does anyone have any JW alien abduction or UFO stories?

    (that's not me btw)

  • wobble

    Hey Jerkie,

    I reckon you are the little one in the picture.

    I remember years ago in the book "Things in which it is impossible for god to lie" (another catchy WT title) they put forward the idea that there may be life out there somewhere.

    Several Bros. wrote to them to point out that would not fit with the Bible's saying Satan is confined to the earth, he would ask to have a go at turning the other "creatures" or it wouldn't be a proper test.

    I think since then Dubs haven't believed in aliens, just all the other stuff there is no proof for !



  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I've almost finished reading that book too.

    The unofficial stance on aliens that I've heard from JWs is that they are an invention of Satan to distract people from the real issues.

  • cameo-d

    Angels are aliens. They are a different lifeform. Angels, aliens, ET's..they are all one and the same.

    Most of these "angels" seem to be evil, so I suppose that's why they are referred to as "demons."

    Do they exist, really? I think so.

    Jacobs dream of climbing the ladder that bridged heaven and earth sounds like an experience where he was taken on board.

    And "wrestling" with the angel actually meant engaging in negotiations. The angel "striking his thigh" has sexual connotation. It is considered to have something to do with his reproduction and genetics. The covenant was something to do with genetic experimentation. This is evident in the way that Jacob displayed knowledge of animal husbandry and bred the better animals for his own flock. He was probably priviliged to be given that information in exchange for his co-operation.

    According to the Book of Enoch, the angels gave women the knowledge of propogating plants. So much of the interaction of angels and humans seem to be centered around genetic experimentation and breeding principles.

    I think man has received his knowledge of technology from a higher intelligence. I also think that is what the covenant is all about. There's no free lunch. In exchange for this knowledge man has had to give blood sacrifices. This has been done all though the ages in many different civilizations.

    These blood sacrifices still continue today.

    This month started the "Feast of the Beast". Supposedly this happens every 28 years.

    The ET's arrive and hold a year long feast in which they whet the appetite of humans with new technological possibilities. Right now they are promising things like human teleportation and other such nonsense. And they are still promising a way to live forever!

    The cost will be more bloodshed and in all probability it looks like ritual blood sacrifice will take place in the near future.

    The sacrificial altar is now under construction and the christians are anxious to see it happen.

    They are excited to see that ritual sacrifice will begin again because they have been deluded into thinking that Jesus will return to stop it.

    However....the surprise.....churches are gradually twisting doctrines to "prove" that the cessation of blood sacrifice was a false teaching.

    If somebody doesn't head it off....we will be back into the dark ages again.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Cameo-d is obviously "not of this world." Proof positive!

  • JerkhovahsWitless
    Wobble: Several Bros. wrote to them to point out that would not fit with the Bible's saying Satan is confined to the earth, he would ask to have a go at turning the other "creatures" or it wouldn't be a proper test.

    I had a debate with a JW friend that if aliens were ever proven to exist, it would null and void the Bible. He insisted that it would not. I'm glad that, for once, the official JW view agrees with mine. I think I'll search for that article and stuff it in his face now ;)

    @Mickey mouse: I'm going to start on Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer on Monday. If you've enjoyed The Demon Haunted World, you might link this book, too. I've skimmed around through it a bit and it looks like it'll be pretty good :)

    @cameo-d: That sounds like sneaky, Masonic Reptilian, shape-shifting, lizard talk to me. Trying to divert me from your real scaly agenda, huh?! I've got my eyes on you...

  • willyloman

    The story recorded in the bible claims that angels "materialized" on the earth and began begetting hybrid offspring with the cream of the earthly female crop. This only begins to make sense if you consider the possibility that it is based on some ancient tale about aliens coming to earth and interacting with humans. Such an explanation is no more far-fetched than the JW interpretation that the account is a literal, historical one.

    Countless books have been written suggesting alien intervention by a more advanced civilization is the logical explanation for the relatively sudden appearance in man's history of a basic understanding of science, engineering, architecture and the constellations in the night sky.

    I'm willing to entertain the thought that there may be something to these theories. Of course, I bought the WTS' crackpot theories for 20 years of my adult life so perhaps my judgment is impaired.

  • villabolo

    willyloman:" I'm willing to entertain the thought that there may be something to these theories. Of course, I bought the WTS' crackpot theories for 20 years of my adult life so perhaps my judgment is impaired.

    willy, when I was young and naive I read Eric Von Danikens book Chariots of the Gods and thought of it like a revelation from heaven (or the stars at least). Then somebody gave me a book called Crash go the Chariots and I quickly realized Von Daniken was full of it. A couple years later I became a JW. It took 8 years to realize that they were made of it.

    The most important thing in finding out the truth of anything is to maintain curiosity in a wide variety of subjects. For example, I have an interest in Paleoanthropology, the study of prehistoric man and as of this moment I am reading Before the Dawn by Nicholas Wade. The book explains, in evolutionary terms how a sudden improvement in Stone Age technology, long before the pyramids ever appeared, was brought on by genetic mutations. No alien operations on our brains or genes are needed, mutations happen spontaneously. Even though men were just as intelligent in the Stone Age as in the age of the pyramids our potential was kept suppressed by the ice age (which had encouraged our evolution in the first place). Once the warm interlude had come mankinds technology and understanding began taking off even further.


  • Balsam

    OMG I love that picture too funny. It is funny once time we had this pioneer sister who was terrified of demon attack. She would form a cap of aluminum foil so they couldn't get in her head. She had serious mental issues. I once asked her out in service if she was equally afraid of space aliens and she proceeded to them me they were demons trying to appeal that way so people would accept them. I said "Really?" and she assured me very seriously that I too needed to make me a hat out of foil so they could not get in my head. All this while out in service with her. I told the Elders about it but they just said she was joking around and not to take her seriously. It was just her and I out in service so I had no one to verify her words. Her family from NY tried to have her committed but without success. I wonder what ever became of her. The last I heard she was living in a camp ground warding off demon attacks. So the society said it was just demons posing as space aliens saw the article about it.



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