Senior fire hazard in my building

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  • brinjen

    Is there any way (or any law preventing them from) installing a button on her stove which requires her to push it in to keep it operational beyond say... 10 minutes? Just a thought then if she passes out the stove will turn off automatically...

  • jamiebowers

    A Guest is a professional and has much good advice. But being that the alcoholic lady and several of her disabled neighbors, (including our own most precious Lady Lee), are curently in danger, I would say go to Adult Protective Services first and then do everything else that was suggested.

    Please keep us advised of the situation, dear lady.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I spoke with the board member yesterday and mentionned the insurance angle. She had never thought of that and was quite alarmed at the possiblity. She has also arranged for a social worker to come in and talk and will call me when she arrives so I can join in.

    As a board member she has to remain neutral (which sounds weird to me) although after telling her about the insurance risk I think she has changed her mind onthat one.

    I will also be invited to meet with her and the priest, the church actually owns the building, when she has a meeting with him.

    Things are moving along. If the fire dept won't release any info to me they will probably hand it over to the priest who will let me include it in my file to get her evaluated as a first step to getting her out. I think the social worker will be a big help with this.

    It seems that they have not been keeping specific records on her. But I asked if the issue had been raised in board meetings and she said it had many times so there should be a record in the minutes of the meetings. Someone will have to go through them to pick out the references. I doubt that will be me.

    Step 2 of AGuest's list has been done, clearly with no effect. And between myself and the board member we are working on most of the other steps. We want her out as soon as possible. My preference would be Step 5. Here it is called Form 2 and requires that a Justice of the Peace puts an Order of Protection on her as a danger to herself and/or others. I'm hoping the social worker will be the greatest assist on that one.

    Thank you so much for all the input. It has been really helpful.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    An UPDATE:

    Under the Freedom of Information Act I can get a list of the times the Fire Dept has been called here. I have the application for that and will try to get it tomorrow when I am downtown.

    The board member contacted a social worker who came today. She was not able to check on our fire lady so there isn't much she can do. It turns out that the problem isn't under her mandate but she agreed the Form 2 Order for examination is the best and fastest route to take. The internet is great. The application form was online so I have printed it out and given copies to both the owner and the management company. I've included a statement that if they don't do anything I will.

    So things are moving along. It seems too that there might be a mental health issue. Hopefully that will be picked up the court ordered assessment.

    That's it for now.

  • Scully


    I had a similar situation several years ago when I was living in an apartment. The tenant below me was an alcoholic. She would complain to the landlord if my children were playing during daytime hours, and even once called Child Protective Services because we disrupted her hangover.

    She would play loud music all night long (imagine listening to an entire Cher album over and over again, all night, every night ) - and refuse to answer the door when I went downstairs to ask her to turn it down.

    I documented everything. Dates, times, nature of complaints, calls to the landlord, calls to the police. Every phone call to the landlord was followed up with a letter from me. I went to other neighbours and asked them to sign a petition, which they were more than happy to do. It took a couple of months, but eventually, I had enough of a paper trail to get her evicted. But I had to go to the Tenant's Association hearing (which is a branch of the local government) and be prepared to testify. In the end, she agreed to vacate the apartment, so my testimony was not required.

    Your situation probably already has a paper trail associated with it - calls to the police and fire department are documented. You can take it a step further and talk with the other neighbours and get a petition going. Your safety is in jeopardy when she passes out and whatever she leaves on the stove starts to burn. Her being an alcoholic is no excuse for putting everyone else's safety at risk.

  • badboy


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Quite a few people were in the hall the other day and were upset. Most are Russian but they are getting scared and if one signs a petition many others will.

    The Form 2 will be a lot easier to get than an eviction. . . and faster. I don't want to wait even another month for the Tenanat's Association to get to this one.

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