% of witnesses actually making disciples?.........

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  • oompa

    i dont think my wife even wants a Return Visit!.......i do not think she has placed ANY literature in over a year from the stack of old mags i see, and her bookbag looks the exact same every time i see it.......

    i wonder how many witnesses actually TRY to make a disciple??.......,esp by good ol Bible Study......i swear i think nearly anyone who accidentally finds "interest" does their damnedest to find some pioneer who gives a flip....and even they are hard to find.................oompa

    i can almost hear it now..."you ARE interested??.....well just go to www.watchtower.org and you can find out all about it....bye".......

  • cantleave

    My missus is studying with an old woman. She is really quite thick, but nice enough (the student not my missus) and will probably get baptised as she has nothing else in life.

  • Quirky1

    The only thing I ever studied with when we went out was a cup of joe and a breakfast burrito at McDonalds... As for my JW wifey she says she doesn't want a study or an RV. She doesn't have time for it..BUT the end is near...LOL I guess Mickey D's is about the only RV they get.

  • Quirky1

    Oh yeah, BTW, my wifey gave me a whole shit pot of magazines and old JW stuff to burn outside. It took me 3 hours to burn all that stuff..

  • blondie

    I pioneered for several years and saw that jws

    1) many did not keep rvs

    2) those that did did not call back very soon, usually forgot who, what was said, what they looked like

    3) said they did not want the responsibility of a study and turned it over to someone else

    4) had been calling back on the same people for years for cookies and tea with little discussion about the WTS or the bible

    5) would do telephone witnessing with one phone and a group of six with goodies on the side.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    For the thirty odd years that I was a Watchtower Follower [1957-1984] I placed countless thousands of mags.

    [Let's see: at about 10 a month for 30 years it would make...what? 3,200?] And had a grand total of eight "Bible" studies. Of these only three, making up a total of 10 family members made it to baptism.

    Within eleven years all had, for separate reasons, left the Watchtower system.

    This means that by the time I myself dissassociated from the system my grand total of recruits to the Watchtower was:


    Talk about an excercise in futility. Cop that.



  • Farkel

    :% of witnesses actually making disciples?

    The math on that would be quite simple: take the number of JWs breeding to get the number of JW offspring and divide by the total number of JWs. Result: % of witnesses actually making disiciples. Literally "making" them!


  • WTWizard

    I always dogged my return visits. Typically, I would place a set of rags, write it down, and then "forget" it. They would want to work my calls, but I would always have "none" that I wanted to make. Or, I would simply drag it until they moved out or were not home enough times, and then I would make sure the calls would languish until they went out of date. Thus, they never got done.

    With the ugly men that I was getting littera-trash placed with, I didn't even want to see them again. They would often try to give me their men calls (especially the really ugly ones with no female members of the family or household--those were my calls). What would happen is that I would "forget" about them--until the car group drove me to them. Upon which I would give them times when I had a hope that the call was not home. Plus, when I saw someone leaving home, I would do my best to drag my feet so they would be gone before we got them.

    Unfortunately, the bunch of dingbats I had to work with were not that way. They wanted to race to people before they left. They would do bus stops, and screech ahead of the bus (which I was hoping would beat them). They exhausted their return visits, and wanted me to do the same (instead of dogging them). They got p***ed when I let them drive right by a street or house I knew where it was but they didn't.

    Hey, you can only set me up with just plain men for so long before I am going to start dogging my calls.

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