Judicial Committees - "Works Beffitting Repentance"

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  • lepermessiah

    WTS = modern Pharisees

    When I knew I was part of a modern day class of Pharisees, thats when I said enough is enough....when the greater laws of mercy, love, and forgiveness are pushed out by protocol, process, and politics, what else CAN you call it? The sad part is that in my experience, the men who are more "Christian" in their dealings with others are burned out or stomped on by the arrogant, self-righteous ones, leaving only MORE hard-core Pharisees behind.

    Here's an idea: Elders should stop harshly judging people through Watchtower glasses and start paying attention to what Jesus actually said about such matters.

    Yadda - there you go bringing the bible and Jesus' personality into the discussion....geez

  • whatcanIsay

    Yadda Yadda is right! Also, If a family member confesses the sins of another family member, the elders are to pray for the sinner so God could hear their prayers and through that the sinner could gain everlasting life! The person who went to confess another person sin would recieved prayers from the elders!, anointing of the head, and would go home feeling at peace with God! Not worried if the loved one was going to get kicked out!

    They apply only Paul's letters to the Corinthian congregation and not any other letters! Just put the wicked man out! But if the wicked man was not a repenting of sleeping with his probably dead or not dead Father's wife? It ooks like to me that the congregation is still to forgive the sinner so he will not get swallowed up in sorrow! Anyhow, if it still says that they should forgive the person unless they be swallowed up with sorry. Also, it is clear that Christ forgives Paul( leader or elder), and Paul should forgive the congregation and the congregation the wicked sinner!

    What if the sinner was already in sorrow and did not feel that he wanted to go back to the congregation! At this point I belive that the lesson really was on the congregation to learn to forgive and not so much on the sinner! During Paul's time, I wonder what would had happened if the person became swollowed up in grief and he did not become a Christian again!

    If you applied Paul's letter in 2 Corithians to the Kingdom Hall and the elders, Who would be at fault if the sinner becomes swallowed up in sorrow and was handed over to Satan! How could Christ forgive the congregation if they neglected to forgive the person who they continued to hand over to Satan!

    It is like the people do not want to take responsibilty for their actions toward sinners! As if nothing will happen to the congregation if they do not forgive and if forgiving is delayed for six months or a year later, no big deal the elders will work it out! When in fact Paul cried to the congregation regarding the matter. It almost appears that members of the congregation would have to deal with the matter on a personal bases to forgive and not as a group. Also to go out and find the person and associate with the person again! Just the opposite of what the JC teach and do!

    Just a thought! or two!

    Just a thought!

  • jabberwock

    Posts about how the Governing Body or the Legal Department affects the decisions of judicial committees seem to fall into two categories.

    Some discuss how the elders are constantly being told not to mention the Legal Department in judicial committee proceedings or records.

    Others, such as the original post here, discuss efforts of the organization to further exert it's authority over local congregations and BOE.

    So, which is it? How can they possibly do both?

    If they are seriously concerned about liability issues wouldn't issuing explicit instructions through letters, COs or DOs, or even special schools be very risky? These methods might keep the information from non-elder Witnesses, but anyone who actually wants to find out about them can.

    If people here can find this stuff and make the connection wouldn't it be rather simple for a lawyer to do so?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    "I would wear a kleenex on my head to be on that committee."

    Dinah you owe me a $1.16 for the coffee I just spit all over my desk!

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