Who Has the most beautiful Name on this board?

by hamsterbait 41 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • darkl1ght3r

    Why, darkl1ght3r of course. Because it's dark, yet... light at the same time. The harmony of the two contrasts united together sings pages of poetry in but a single word. Say it with me... Darkl1ght3r.

    Yeah, I'm full of sh!t. But I'm still voting for myself.

  • megs

    Angharad - It's lovely, and I like the mythological association

  • bluecanary

    Wow, thanks for the vote palmtree!

    I actually came here to vote for oompa but it's less funny since he already posted.

    Let's make this:

    palmtree - 2

    bluecanary - 2

  • Cadellin

    I think Angharad is lovely, too. Does that make Angharad - 3? Also I have to put in a vote for Leolaia. Mind you, Cadellin is pretty as well!!! :) (Especially when she's in her nightie, tee-hee!)

  • AdaMakawee

    I like Angharad as well. Mine (not in the running) means: Ada = happy daughter (German as is my heritage), and Makawee = handmaiden of the earth (Native American name).


  • quietlyleaving

    AdaMakawee is a lovely name. I also like the name neverendingjourney

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    I like quite a few... like ladylee,very posh name :) i like bluecanary......palmtree,witness007 is cool too....ohhhhhhhhhh too hard to choose plus theres lots ive not even seen...will put mine down after a good think.... :))

  • shamus100

    Most everyone is going to either vote for themselves or Shamus.

  • Hope4Others

    What a nice little surprise to see my name, I wanted something with meaning and hope for others......

    There are lots of great names and quite inventive.....

  • daniel-p

    Daniel-p. Just rolls off your tongue.

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