Football is the Devil!

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  • lepermessiah

    (I had to quote the Waterboy!)

    With the start of (American) football upon us, I was laughing this past weekend when a friend and I were remembering a KM school we attended.

    The visiting "brother" (Losch) basically went on a tirade against sports, but specifically football. You would have thought that watching an NFL game was akin to sitting in Ancient Rome cheering on the lions in the colliseum eating Christians. You could tell he hated sports in general, because he even blasted some sports like basketball and tennis.

    We were all pissed off at the time thinking that they were going to start coming down on JW's from watching football and other collision-type sports. I immediately said that I would give up my "privileges" if they started telling me that I cant watch football, hockey, etc..... My buddy said not to worry, that most of the other GB members at the time were HUGE football fans. I know there are some that are bothered by the physicality of football, but most of the male JW's I know love their football.

    If they ever wanted to see the male membership disappear, it would be to start counseling people against watching football.

    Any one else have that experience?

  • straightshooter

    Blondie commended in a posting a few months ago quoting from a WT magazine about the bowl games being just like Roman Colliseum games. It was very interesting.

    Yet all the jws that I know make a special effort to see the Super Bowl and other football games.

    I remember a co playing baseball with ones in the area. One hit a baseball and hit a player in the head, knocking him temporarily out. After walking the brother off the field and ascertaining that he was OK, then the game continued.

  • snowbird

    I like football, especially college games.

    I like the fact that Michael Vick will be playing in the Eagles' third game.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Good luck getting the elders in Wisconsin to stop watching the Packers. They'd have a mutiny on their hands. That, and deer hunting they will never give up.

    I remember my oldest brother working in the sound dept at the circuit assembly, and telling me that all the brothers in the room had headphones on, listening to the football game. This while the afternoon session was in progress.

  • BluesBrother

    Awake [

    * g86 11/8 pp. 16-18 World Cup Soccer—Just a Sport? ***

    "Another danger associated with professional sports is nationalism and patriotic pride. If Christ Jesus were on earth today, for which nation or city do you think he would root? Israel? Italy? Jerusalem? Rome? Or none at all? Should Christians stand divided on activities as transitory as sports and recreation? (1 Corinthians 1:10-13) Rather, true Christians should be “full of . . . good fruits,” “peaceable,” “not making partial distinctions,” for “the fruit of righteousness has its seed sown under peaceful conditions for those who are making peace.”—James 3:17, 18.

    Therefore, a conscientious Christian will not allow himself to be sucked into a fanatical attitude toward soccer or any other sport. After all, it is just a sport, a game. A mild or passing interest may be harmless. As a recreation in moderation it may be beneficial. But the more important spiritual interests in life are of permanent value."

    They have counselled against the passion shown for football (a k a soccer ) but all the brothers in the U K have taken no notice at all . Football is definately on the agenda of T V viewing if not actually attending.

    I recall a sister giving an answer in the WT to the effect that T V viewing of football was a bad influence, and the conductor (who loved the game) said something like he thanked her for her answer even though he could not agree with it....

    BTW...England to hammer Croatia tomorrow night !

  • undercover

    So Blues...

    Do the brothers over there were national colors and flags to support their favorite teams (on the national level)?

    I got in trouble for wearing a Dallas Cowboys necktie to an assembly. Blue and silver with stars...wha't so wrong with that?

  • blondie

    2 elders drove in with this on the car...the CO was not amused.

  • undercover

    Must've been a Patriots fan...

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Old Bethel Joke:

    NFL = Not For Losch

  • digderidoo

    Aahh we're talking about American Football, for a minute i thought we were talking about REAL football. i can now see the visiting brother's point of view.

    Come on England !!! Let's give them Croat's a beating !!


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