How does it worK?

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  • greenie

    I'm curious about Bethel and Brooklyn. How does Bethel work? I'm told that no one gets paids and everyone's work there is voluntary. Is this true? How can that work? It really impresses my JW, but of course I question everything. Thoughts?

  • JustHuman14

    Indeed..Watchtower is the ULTIMATE dream of the CAPITALISTIC system. They managed to make people working for them FREE and not only that those who work free the contribute money to the Watchtower....

  • greenie

    Do you (or anyone) know specific examples though? I'm told that all the money is used to print the mags, etc. that they give away for free, and to pay for food, shelter, etc. for Bethelites. I know some people posting here have actually lived there, so I'm looking for specific examples. The second part of what I've heard is criticism for mainstream Christian leaders who officially get paid for their jobs as priest, minister, etc. Because of course that means they are only motivated to do what they do for money (please note the sarcasm on my part). I was challenged to name another group that sacrifices by not getting paid like JWs for the religion. I couldn't name another specific group, but could only reference monks who sell all their possessions and take vows of poverty. You all are right that this belief they're the only ones who do this that or the other is a real motivating factor for Dubs. So, I just need some facts on this if they exist.

  • Narkissos

    Bethel members receive a small monthly allowance (don't know how much now, I think it was about $80 25 years ago) in addition to food and shelter, plus they have a "personal expense account" which is credited yearly for clothes etc. I personally found this situation financially much easier than that of "special pioneers" who had everything (rent, food, clothes etc.) to pay on their monthly allowance (about $200 back then).

  • quietlyleaving

    my son served at bethel for 6 years. We gave him a monthly allowance to help him make ends meet. Many families did this. Frequently bethelites are given small amounts of cash by others in the congregation for their own personal use. When our son was there Bethelites also received a petrol allowance of Approx £30 a month on top of their monthly allowance. All their dry cleaning, wahing etc is done for them.

    Ordinary Jehovahs witnesses frequently donate new and nearly clothing to the bethel boutique.

    Bethelites also frequently get invited to the best parties and outings - if its a film or concert their tickets are generally paid for by family and friends.

  • yknot
    I was challenged to name another group that sacrifices by not getting paid like JWs for the religion.

    Mormons have a similar 'no pay' claim and uses stipends too.

    Here is a link to the 2003 edition of the "Branch Organizational Manual"

    It is searchable so you can search by "$" to see all the expense allowances......

  • jamiebowers

    I don't think Amish elders are paid. And one thing to point out about most paid clergy, they have training in counseling. They're not a bunch of blue collar guys who get together to run people's lives.

  • greenie

    Thanks for the info so far! Some people on here have said that they sell the mags. Is that true? I know there's a good bit of humor used here and I appreciate it, but sometimes I'm not sure if it's a joke or not.

  • Narkissos

    Long ago "pioneers" did make some money by selling WT literature they bought at a much lower rate. But the income was negligible in most cases because the selling price was low anyway. Now that literature isn't "sold" anymore I doubt anybody makes any money on it, unless some have developed a gift to make people "donate".

  • greenie

    Thanks everyone. It seems like from your feedback that this might be a legitimate claim then. I appreciate the point about priests being trained in counseling, JB. I'm just trying to explain why just because someone gets paid to be a minister or priest, it doesn't mean they take advantage of that or are only motivated by money.

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