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  • jwdecendant

    I was raised as a JW and have several family members who are witnesses, including my mother. While I love and respect her very much I was very resentful of being raised in "the truth". There are several reasons but the main one is the way I was "counseled" and ultimately publically pointed out as a bad associate. I am know in my mid-thirties and haven't been involved in the religion since I was a teenager. I got over the resentment I felt years ago because I realized that regardless of what I went through my mother's intentions were good and she did teach me a lot of things that have made me a better person. Not because of her faith but her character.

    I have recently became curious as to why her and other members of my family are so firm in their beliefs and started researching the history. I started searching for unbiased info and found this forum. Hopefully someone here can help me out a little. I've read several things about Charles T Russell and "Judge" Rutherford, some of which are conflicting. Can anyone point me to a good resource for accurate information these men?

    I'm also curious if the JW's still publically disassociate (I can't remember the exact term thay used for me) members who are not baptized. I was told they no longer do this. If not, when did the policy change and why?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    They still DA or DF those who dare challenge the doctrines, or act human, heaven forbid.

    I recommend this book, to look at the history of the Watchtower. There are many others of course.

    Welcome. Lots to learn here. Try the 'Best of Section'.



  • mouthy

    Welcome to the board JWDECENDENT.I think "Crises Of Conscience "Is a great read.

    Also Mary has a book on here that is excellent...

    Glad to have you aboard.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Welcome.....we have the answers here!

  • BabaYaga

    Hello and welcome.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Welcome! Glad to have you.

  • Heaven

    jwdecendant... welcome to the Forum. Your story is similar to mine. I am not resentful because while my mother was getting more involved with it, my father was not while I was growing up so we had a little balance in our family. We actually got to celebrate birthdays, Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas when I was little. As we got older, these things started to dwindle as my parents got further and further into the org. It was only after I left home as an adult that my parents decided to dedicate themselves (ie, get baptized). Luckily, their kids saw the flaws. None of us signed up. Neither did any of the grandchildren.

    As to your family being firm in their beliefs, it comes from being mind-controlled and a hope for everlasting life. Everyone wants what was promised to them when they first started out. No pain, no sickness, no sadness, no hunger, no death, wonderfully loving relationships, and a chance to live forever in paradise. Who wouldn't want all this?

  • jwdecendant

    Thanks for the warm welcome and info. The "Crises of Conscience" book came up on several searches I did. I think I'll start there.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Welcome JWdescendant to the forum

    Yes they still publicly disassociate members who aren't baptized and as far as getting information on the past presidents of

    WTS. and the history of this organization you can use the search thats included in this forum or use google/Wiki .

    Theres a lot of info. out there now on the Net.

    Happy exploring

    www.Freeminds.org is another site thats full of valuable information that is quite up to date.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Yes Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz...nephew of the ex president of the WTS Fred Franz. It saved me and inumerable others when we could FEEL there was something wrong but didnt have the wherewithall to prove it somehow. And the internet has brought the ex members of this cult together like nothing else could. A development even the Great Wizard of Oz...the Society...hadnt anticipated and cannot fight. No matter how many times they threaten their members.

    Use the searth tool on this forum. The people here are the most well spoken, diversely experienced, EXJWs you will find anywhere...from all around the world.

    Ask whatever you need to know. :)


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