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    I have a situation here that I would appreciate your comments on.

    I was a JW for thirty years, (RC before), married and raised my kids within the boundaries of this religion.

    About five years ago, my wife and I realized that it was not the truth we thought it was all these years so we left.


    OK, at this point of my life I backed up, looked around and took a deep breath.

    My wife on the other hand started to study with the Mormons; she got baptized and jumped in the deep end.

    A year ago my Mom died suddenly, and that shook me to the core even further as to what god and his purposes are. I questioned more and more what I had been taught over the years.

    Meanwhile my wife is chugging away express train style in her new religion, and it seems everything, and everybody that is not wrapped up in Mormonism is not taken very seriously.

    Her father had Alzheimer’s for six years and he died two years ago. It was a very soul-searching time for the both of us and I allowed her to deal with her religious issues in a way that was beneficial for her well being.

    My dad lives across the country, I saw him last October, and he is becoming a “super witness” all of a sudden. Whenever we talk on the phone all I hear is how close the end is, and how I should get back to the KH and get involved. The end could come at any minute! Just look at how messed up the world is, CERTAINLY the end will come soon. This is coming from a man who was a textbook example of a half-hearted / doubting witness for over 25 years.

    Suddenly I amnoticing how I am right in the middle of a perfect storm of religious zealots.

    My two sons just roll their eyes when they hear the stories, and shake their heads regarding their mother.. Growing up as JW has made them very sensitive regarding how someone can push their beliefs over on others and how people can become “blinded” by a religious organization.

    Dealing with my mom’s death is one of the most difficult things that I have done, yet it seems that religious belief and viewpoints is throwing salt in the wound from close family members.

    My question is, how have any of you dealt with situations like this ?

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    I'm drawing a blank.

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    What is "this"?

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    Hang out with your boys

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    invisible thoughts

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