Pray -Jehovah will save you...or let you die depending on "his will." Please Explain?

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  • Edington

    I too used to crap my pants worrying about 'persecution' as a kid after reading about what happened in Malawi & Germany...........I knew I would 'let Jehovah down'.

    I also couldn't come to terms with how Jehovah would be there assessing the pain being inflicted on my body deciding whether or not I could take having the rest of my nails ripped off before he stepped in.

    It seemed Jehovah was part of the persecution.

    Very disturbing


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    James and Peter were in prison at the same time. (Not neccesarilly together). Jehovah let James die put sent an angel to release Peter. It is said that Jehovah had a purpose for Peter, i.e.: convert gentiles etc. and so spared him. James did not die in vain because he was martyred. For two reasons this makes sense (?), technically what we have is not the "Real" life and losing it is no big deal because of the promise of ressurection. Second, we cannot know Jehovah's will for us nor question his judgement. Either way it makes B.S. of all his promises to protect his servants and reads like any other religion's stupid answer of "We cannot know the ways of God." Pathetic. W.Once

  • BluesBrother

    Discussing this with dub family recently, their view(and mine when I was in) was that God spares those for whom he has a job to do. Most of the escapees were Pioneers and C/os who were important to the work at that time. So the theory is that God only spares important people so that the all important ministry can prevail. Once you have outlived your usefulness, you are allowed the privilege of making the "ultimate sacrifice" - and an assured resurrection...

    OK I know it is baloney, but that is how these dubs reasoned on it.

  • PSacramento

    I think that if we try to figure the "grand scheme" of things and how each person fist into it, we will only succeed in going crazy !

    People die because we are not immortal.

    Bad things happen to everyone, just as good things happen to everyone.

    God may gives us the strength to deal with adversity but to think that he values "one prayer over another" is judgmental to say the very least.

    We don't know why some are saved and some die, we don't know why one apostle was saved and another killed, the honest truth is we don't know.

    IF we believe that God has control over who dies and who lives and in what manner and at what time then we can't believe in free will, so which one is it?

  • Witchettygrub

    What about "time and the unforeseen events" that come to all of us, good or bad.


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