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    boyzone - we are in a similar situation and I want to explore this whole issue too.

    On saturday my daughter was cornered by a mature ex-pioneer sister who started pressuring her to come to the meeting the next day. She repeatedly threatened to ring my son who is an elder if she didn't come to the meeting. This ex pioneer repeatedly said "I have his number I'm gonna ring him if you don't come". Also 2 weeks ago she had 2 pioneer elders stop her in the street to question her about some enlightening info they'd received from a non disfellowshipped inactive jw.

    I want to do some work of linking this sort of behaviour to the "congregation only" study articles to investigate making a coherent argument /case on why they are suddenly upping (more than before) harrassment of inactive ones.

    I also have the tape of a particularly demeaning public talk that was given when we both attended a meeting a few months ago. This talk demeaned those wh don't attend meetings as bad association using absolutely awful imagery - "vessels of destruction" somehow translates to being toilet vessels.


    here is a link to the harrassment act that hamsterbait referred to

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