Texas Hold Em

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  • purplesofa

    Thanks for the tip Alwayshere,

    Was just talking to one of my sons and he said he played Fulltilt for months and months.

    He is good in the tournaments he enters here at home, with like a hundred entries and he has won twice and always finishes in Top Ten but mostly Top Five.

    He said they play for like ten hours straight!!



    Texas Hold-em,my favorite poker game..

    I learned on playstation2..

    I`m worth a few million dollars..Have a beautiful manson,tastefully decorated I might add!..


    I have a Cool Cowboy Hat,but not as well shaped as the ones I wear in real life..LOL!!..

    I peaked the game out,PS2 will not take me any farther..The game is too advanced..

    I`ll have to get a PS3 to take the game any farther..


  • truman

    Purplesofa, I will look for you on fulltilt next time I'm on a table. I play there as labyrinthia. Shuffle up and deal!

    BTW, if you get tired of hold-em, try some seven card stud. It's fun too.

  • purplesofa

    hey truman,

    I played quite a bit tonight and did really well!!!!

    It's very fun,

    I got tired of sitting, so stopped with almost $5,000 in chips.

    How do you look for somebody that is playing?

  • truman

    Congrats! You must be a natural. To find another player on FT, click on <Requests> on the menu bar (either at the top of the lobby window or maybe across the top of your screen). When it opens, click on <find a player>. You'll get a box with a place to enter ID names. Then hit <Find Player>, and if the person is online in a game, the location will be listed in the box below the name. You can click on a game heading and you'll be taken to the lobby of the game if its a MTT or to the table itself.

  • purplesofa

    Thanks truman,

    I will look for you too, when I play,

    probably get into a game tomorrow for sure.


    ps, I tried to get purps and it was taken

  • Alwayshere

    I play the freerolls and mostly Omaha Hi on "fulltilt." I go by the name "Mistyblues."

  • purplesofa

    I won the big pot tonight playing here at the house,

    Eight of us played.


    gonna buy SOMETHING!!!

    playing at FullTilt has helped alot!!!

  • truman

    Good job!! I looked for you on FT, but I play late at night PST. When are you usually on?

  • purplesofa

    I am going to pay now~

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