Was Lot a Total Ignoramus?

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  • Awen

    According to Arabic Tradition, a person with guests would sooner allow his entire household to be murdered that to allow harm to come to those guests. Consider that in the text his daughters did not question Lot's motives nor try to rebel against what he said. They understood the custom and what was at stake. Many people in many lands still hold to traditions such as these. So do not ascribe evil to a culture simply because you do not understand it. More wars and hate has been caused by people being ignorant of other's customs and just assuming we all think alike.

  • avishai

    Cameo, study language, please? And how it came to be? Your linguistic "coincidences" are now coming from so far out there as for me to worry about your sanity.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    funny, i was only thinkung about Lot and his wife the other day... after hearing the district conv talk about not looking back etc.

    Lots wife was used as an example of one who longed for the good things in town, the comforts, the material things, you know the usual yadda yadda, anyway i went back to the book of Lot, (haven't opened my NWT for 10 years) and read it. interesting how you veiw things after the blinkers are taken off.

    It says no reason why she looked behind. she may just as easily been a pyromaniac! couldn't resist a peek at the FIRE! Maybe just morbidly curious.

    And as for Lot that we are told was soooooo good, what the hell is doing living there in the first place? Sacrifice your virgin daughters instead of strangers and then DID NOT want to leave, then bartered a different safe place!

    What i a JW lived above a brothel or a strip club? Righteous lot set the example. A JW can send their daughters out to the mob instead of a G/B member. Righteous Lot did. JW should be allowed to delay the leaving this sinful world. Righteous Lot did. Can they barter for salvation? Lot did that too.

    Gee with shining examples of faith like that, it's no wonder the Watchtower society are so [ insert colorful metaphor here] !

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