When the "wonderful experience" goes wrong.

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    You mean like not being able to find your car in the parking lot after the big convention?

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    chicken little

    OOps meant to post this first.

    Well I have been thinking in the aftermath of the Garrido story, about all the other times I have heard of witnesses speaking of unusual people becoming witnesses or studying. I know of two situations that were used at assemblies but sometime later turned sour. One I was involved in personally. I studied with a lady who became a Jw, she had a daughter that murdered her husband brutally with two different knives. When she was arrested she pleaded self defense and had a long list of claims of abuse against her husband. Her mother was terrified of having to testify in court, she told me her daughter had always been a liar and that she could make anyone believe her. During the time up to the court hearing the daughter was attending all the meetings and speaking of it bing in Jehovahs hands etc....I felt sick when bros and sis would say how wonderful it was she was at the meetings and making the truth her own...right!

    I felt so sorry for my friend, she was in pieces at the trial. Sure enough her daughter got off with self defense. She stepped out of the court and sold her story to the tabloids and was never seen again at the KH. She even got the insurance money from her dear husband. Well you can imagine that story quickly was put on the back burner.

    Number two experience, everyone was gushing over the homeless alcoholic that started to study and cleaned up his life and became a witness. Assembly experience..wonderful stuff. He then started dating a divorced sister in the congregation, not long into the relationship he started to beat her up. When she finished with him he stalked her and made her life hell. Wonderful followup experience to tell the bros and sisters?

    I often felt that there was no help what so ever with difficult, mentally disturbed or psycotic type people...it was wonderful if they made it in....bad luck for you (the one helping them), if they made trouble.

    In an earlier thread I mentioned the terrible strain our family came under when in London and having so many nutcases attending our bookstudy, it made me ill in the end.

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    I often felt that there was no help what so ever with difficult, mentally disturbed or psycotic type people.

    The elders do not believe that these people exist within the congregation. Because getting baptized causes Jehovah's holy spirit to come upon you at which point all your mental craziness just disappears! There are no sociopaths in Jehovah's organization!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Studying Botchtower Corp. litteratrash doesn't cure "crazy", it simply adds another dose of "stupid" to the mix.

    "Stupid" will cover "crazy" for a little while, but not long enough. Then it results in a crazy, stupid, mess.

    Yes, I've seen this before.

  • superman

    I know of a poor person who didn't have a job (couldn't hold a stable one) and was also very lazy. They started to study, and after they came into the 'truth' started freeloading off all of the other friends in the name of having financial trouble because of Satan and the end of the system. Oh wait, my mistake, that was most of them in it!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Oh I've seen my fair share of freeloaders. They always pioneer and float from cong to cong.

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