Terrence Howard promotes JWism on PBS. Ever hear this interview?

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  • Confession

    It's an interview from May of 2007, and it's still stream-able.


    From his words, he is no neophyte. Check it out.

  • mrsjones5

    Yeah, I've heard of it. Haven't thought of him the same way since. It kinda turned me off.

  • Confession

    It's difficult to listen to it. You can hear how he's been caught in the loop most of us were before we looked at all the facts objectively. It's particularly chilling to hear him describe the shunning practice right near the end of the interview...

    "Someone makes a choice; they make a dedication that they will live their life a particular way. And...then they walk away from that way. And as a result of walking away from it, it's not them being shunned by the people; they shun the people themselves in their practices. And the sooner someone is willing to make amends in their life, they are welcomed back, you know, with both arms."

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