Wierd District Convention experience Pioneer/Elder claim disapointment he's still not a C.O???

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Melbourne Australia District Convention last Saturday this jackass Pioneer/Elder gets on stage and relates how he and his wife have served where the need is great in many Congs hoping for the "privledge" of being a C.O couple....he expressed "disapointment and discouragement" when he was not appointed....he moved to a new assignment in the Chinese Cong.

    The Speaker thanks him for his "honesty" but I was thinking what are his motives for serving his Brothers? Is this a good example for Pioneering?

    Must be a reason his ambition...... sorry I mean, goals could not be reached. Holy Spirit? LOL Wierd discouraging experience which shows how many ass#ole brothers are serving where the greed is greater.

  • bluecanary

    I confess that I don't share your impressions of this man's ambitions, 007. The witnesses are constatnly encouraged to "reach out" and it's natural to set goals and have ambitions. It's possible for someone to see the position of CO as one where they have a greater opportunity to help others. Your read of the situation may be correct, but it's not a given. One of the best COs (and coolest people) I've ever known didn't want to be a CO, he wanted to be a missionary but they made him be CO.

    I have heard some weirdly discouraging examples, particularly when I was in pioneer school. We were told about a brother who was at bethel. He wanted to get married but they wouldn't allow his intended at bethel so he left to marry her. They went to a regular congregation together but the whole congregation snubbed them; no one would talk to them or allow them to comment at meetings. They pioneered, working only by themselves. They had done nothing wrong, but sometimes the congregation gets it wrong.

    That was the experience given by a CO at my pioneer school. I guess he wanted to prepare us for the sad truth that we might be persecuted even by the congregation. Funny thing is, I was only ever persecuted by the congregation--multiple congregations at that.

  • Lieu

    I see it as a man who is pioneering specifically for the purpose of gaining a 'higher' position. He's not doing it for "others" or out of concern for those in the 'world'.

    Its bad heart syndrome in my book. A what can I get out of this for myself type of thing not a what can I give thing.

  • TheOldHippie

    I'm with bluecanary.

  • jambon1

    I knew an uber witness couple (pioneers/elder) in our congregation who were absolutely dying to become co/co's wife. The amount of arse licking & sphincter fondling that they carried out was cringeworthy to watch. To my knowledge they still never attained their ambition. The thing with them was that they loved to be treated like royalty. They too had travelled between local 'need greater' congregations for years.

    I can still recall this peice of shit bragging about how he and his wife had attained however many years of continuous pioneer service since they left school. Honestly it was enough to give you the boak.

    A horrible couple who looked down on & judged many, many people in our circuit.

    They perfectly summed up why I didn't want to be part of their lame shit little religion.

    Horrible people.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I see it as a man who is pioneering specifically for the purpose of gaining a 'higher' position. He's not doing it for "others" or out of concern for those in the 'world'.

    I could feel it is just as said above or it is just as said by Bluecanary. It depends on the tone of the interview.

    If it was used on the DC, I would imagine the tone was one of hoping for greater privileges but realizing there were great privileges in the Chinese Cong. In other words, he was reaching out and had to humble himself, then he found what he was doing to be "great" already.

    Still, it shows that men pioneer for the lofty position or honor it brings them.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yes the point is HE was extremely disapointed he was not appointed a C.O after much "sacrifice and service." This was not due to "love of Brothers" lol.....anyone who Pioneered for a good while knows about climbing the "Watchtower ladder."

    And yes he did say he humbled himself to being only a poor Elder/Pioneer without the lavish glory of C.O lunch and dinners, ass kissing and small envelopes of "gifts."

  • OnTheWayOut

    This works for WTS because they want all the men to reach for the lofty positions by selling the mags and promoting putting money in the contribution box at the hall. They want them to reach for the green-handshake jobs just in case they have openings, but they want them to settle for less while still feeling important.

  • chickpea

    the MTS/PO/CoBoE from the KH i had attended
    was extremely interested in attaining CO status...
    widowed, college-educated, self-employed as
    a photographer (excuse me... photojournalist)
    he was definitely stretching for the job....

    he was a real rock star when first assigned...
    generated a lot of enthusiasm and crazy numbers
    for mtg attendance and FS participation....
    for a while.... no one is THAT good to keep interest
    in the hamster wheel race at high levels

    did substitute work in the circuit, always on the
    platform at DC/CA.... never heard if he made it....
    he was one who would have been disappointed
    to have been overlooked.....

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Minister = Cardinal = Bishops = popes.....Witnesses have the same.

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