Selling Sacramento, CA Convention Deal to Skeptical Public

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  • dannyboy

    I live near Sacramento, CA and earlier this week the local Convention Authority held a big deal press conference announcing a "deal" with Jehovah's Witnesses (see clip below). Based on comments to local news media on their websites, more than a few people are not too crazy about the idea....

    I heard an interview on a local station where the head guy [of the Convention Authority] was defending (sounded VERY DEFENSIVE) the city's deal with the dubs, by saying "Well, they'll bring hotel dollars, food dollars, and they'll be visiting all of our local museums, evening life, and entertainment the monetary impact will be huge for us..."

    As all of us ex-dubs know, we were always SPECIFICALLY DISCOURAGED from doing any of those "extra" things..... Hope those attractions aren't hiring more employees to handle the Witness "Crowds".......

    Also, during the interview, he said that the Convention Authority would be able to select the dates for the various conventions. Interesting.


    From the Sacramento, CA Business Journal:

    Jehovah's Witnesses Agree 5-Year Deal at Sacramento Convention Center

    The largest-ever contracted business for the Sacramento Convention Center will bring more than 200,000 delegates to Sacramento during the next five years.

    The Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses is adding Sacramento as its 83rd city to host annual regional conventions.

    The conventions will book eight to 10 weekends each summer for the next five years.

    The Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau negotiated for over a year to get the business, said Steve Hammond, visitors bureau president.

    Sacramento will see about 6,000 people attending each of eight weekend events starting in summer 2010, representing an economic impact of $16 million annually.

    The church group will book hotel rooms for the events through the rest of this week, Hammond said. The contract was signed at 10 a.m. Tuesday, including some city help with parking, because the hotels downtown don’t have enough spaces for 6,000. The city typically has lots of empty garages during weekends.

    The economic impact of the contract works out to about $75 million, which Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson called “great news,” especially in a down economy.

    For Sacramento, the bookings are doubly important because they are on weekends and during the summer, often slow periods for Sacramento, Johnson said.

    The $16 million economic impact will help the 30,000 employees in the hospitality industry, he said.

    “Tourism is big business,” Johnson said, adding that he aims to “build the economic engine to even greater heights.”

    The delegates will be from Northern California, Oregon and Northern Nevada. The congregation also has annual meetings in the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Those San Francisco meetings will continue, with Sacramento as an additional location.

    Hammond said the contract is for five years, but he anticipates Sacramento will be able to keep the business beyond the five-year contract.

    The groups have booked the main floor of the convention center, taking about two-thirds of the space. Other events can still be booked in the rest of the main hall, as well as the upstairs ballroom and separate meeting rooms.


    Most of thse JW`s will be on an extemely tight budge..

    I doubt waitress`s will be impressed with a WBT$ Literature Tip..


  • daniel-p

    Well at least the Denny's and Applebee's will be busy. Other than that, I'm not sure....

  • scotinsw

    So much for "Jehovah willing we'll be here next year"!

  • bluecanary

    I worked at an Olive Garden in a city that held a convention. Unfortunately, I had to attend the convention so I couldn't work that weekend, but all my coworkers assured me that the witnesses were awesome tippers. At least they are when the badges are on.

  • out4good3

    Isn't it gratifying to know that armageddon is more than 5 years away!!!

  • watson

    Sounds like a good deal all the way around.

  • purplesofa

    On my screen OUTLAW's dog is above the subject line, with his signature, the dog is just laughing away.

  • cattails
    On my screen OUTLAW's dog is above the subject line, with his signature, the dog is just laughing away.

    Yeah! I noticed that too. And eventhough I think it's sickening...

    it is amusingly funny in its own way. I may have to re-think my disgust of OUTLAW,

    if only he'd apologize for being a jerk to me in posts, and I might do the same.

    Wow... now that would be a cry of PEACE and SECURITY!

    And... OUT4GOOD: I agree, what are they doing making 5 year deals if Armageddon is "imminent."

    Sort of takes the hot air out of "imminent" doesn't it?

  • WTWizard

    Visiting the local museums and entertainment attractions? Wait a minute! They are supposed to get out of the event at around 5:45 PM, and then they eat dinner (usually at one of those fast, good-tasting poison places). Generally, despite being told otherwise, they are stingy with the tips (often, they "tip" with a waste of paper. From there, they go back to their hotel or motel rooms, and use the swimming pool or watch the "time vacuum" in their room. Some will go to the malls, but they rarely buy anything there. Most will simply go to bed early that night, since it is very tiring to sit there all day at the venue listening to that crap.

    Not only that, but they are supposed to get up early the next morning. The program itself starts at 9:30, but most people that have ever been to one of those things knows that you are supposed to be there an hour early. And, before that, you have to drive and park (another half hour total, at least). Before that, you have to eat breakfast. Before that, you have to take a shower and get ready. Usually, this means getting up by 6:30 or so in the morning--sometimes even earlier than that. Meaning, if they are to be "alert for the day's program", they will have to get to bed by 10:00 PM the preceding night. Some will try doing street work early in the morning, requiring them to be up as early as 4:30 in the morning! Do you think they are going to be hitting the town the night before?

    Time isn't the only factor. Money also factors in--most of those going are already poor because they are not supposed to go to college or because they work part time and do field circus full time. If it is going to cost $20 for an entertainment article, that is $20 less toward paying for the motels (which often run $60 a night and up), food, paying bills--and donating toward their own Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund. Many simply do not have any money for visiting entertainment venues--and are still a drain on the infrastructure of the city (clogging highways, using water and electricity services, and polluting the place). Plus, they are discouraged from "worldly entertainment" because "we are here for spiritual food, not worldly fun and entertainment". Just ask any amusement park manager that is within 10 miles from the site where the a$$emblies are held, and see how many delegates actually make it into the amusement park and spend any money.

    So they clean up the place? Maybe, but that too is self-serving. They will highlight it in their brochures, that they cleaned up a venue and fixed it so they would always have a place next year. What they fail to mention is the quality of the workmanship. This is to drum up support for volunteers, and all it takes is for them to use inferior materials, dog their cleaning assignments, or get told something confusing, and you have a p*** poor job that will show. Then, when something breaks, it costs them more money and time to tear out the crap the witlesses used than it would have cost to just have the worldly contractors do it right the first time. And, it supports forced labor (they are told that, if they don't do it, they will be looked down on)--including child labor (children, sometimes as young as 2 or 3, doing work that they would be prohibited from doing if they were paid to do it).

    No, it's not worth it--all so they can create another event to gather money to protect their pedophiles and silence the victims.

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