If Shunning Didn't Exist, Would JW's Exist In Their Current Form?

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  • parakeet

    Double post. Sorry.

  • PSacramento

    One should question a religion, any religion, that is so insecure as to NOT debate its doctrine with those that don't agree with it.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I agree that they won't change. The pragmatic part of me tells me the GB has to see that DF'ing is in the long run, going to work against them.

    Of course, by me being pragmatic, I probably am giving way too much credit to the GB and their ability to think pragmatically.

    They have to see how screwed they are, right? Whats going to keep people in? The next generation who leaves hits the internet and often leaves with two middle fingers in the air. It's not like those who left in the old days, where they had no where to go, were on their own, and oftentimes had limited access to the truth and real history about JW's... (i.e. they may have left, but they left still believing that they were going to be destroyed by Jehovah)

    Not anymore. While disfellowshipping is effective in keeping people in, it no longer serves its former utility in getting people back. More and more who leave stay gone. They are willing, for a variety of reasons, to put up with it. I think this is a direct result of the internet, and the information and interaction that is available on it. This clearly works against the JW's on this score.

    These days, whats the first thing most disfellowshipped people are going to do, if they get disfellowshipped? If they haven't already, they are heading to the internet, to read about JW's, to hear individuals speak to the cruelty and cultishness of this group. The "reward" for returning and the "value" in doing so is instantly diminished in most cases.

    Still thinking..... Its fun to do that... Wasn't able to think much while a dub... lol


    Good Morning ATJ!!

    You are absolutely correct..

    You must also remember..

    DisfellowShipping is the Biggest Stick the WBT$ carrys and they will never give that advantage up..

    Losing that stick would have devistating consequences..

    People would walk away,money would dry up.....It would cripple the WBT$ Cult,the Jehovah`s Witness`s..

    Unless the local governments enforce a no shunning policey for religions..

    The WBT$ will hang on to that Big Stick with thier last dieing breath..


  • glenster

    If the JWs leaders didn't use disfellowshipping for persistent disagreement
    with their distinctive/relatively distinctive rules specifically, there would
    be more people spreading the word through the flock about the methods the JWs
    leaders use to make those rules seem guaranteed by the best evidence and reason-
    ing = fewer JWS = less money for JWs leaders = unhappy JWs leaders.

    Alternatively, the JWs leaders would appease their customers by dropping the
    dubious teaching methods = there would be a more ordinary JWs organization =
    less reasons to send your money to the JWs leaders specifically = less money for
    JWs leaders = unhappy JWs leaders.

    There's money in them thar Satanic birthday cupcakes, Satanic white blood
    cells, Satanic higher education degrees, Satanic Civil Service clerk jobs,
    Satanic Christian charity programs, Satanic Mother's Days, Satanic celebrations
    of the birth of Jesus, Satanic prayers to Jesus, Satanic dismissals of 1914,
    Satanic research books to get both sides before rendering judgment, etc.

  • Farkel


    I'm quite surprised you didn't consider the title of your post a self-answering question!

    I've said many times before if the WTS would stop its Institutional policy of shunning, I wouldn't care if they worshipped invisible purple unicorns from the planet Zolotone.

    Furthermore, if they did that, I would roll up my tent and never write another word about the JWs.

    Shunning as practiced by JWs is everything. The rest of their crap is unimportant.

    The WTS knows this. That's why they won't drop the practice.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    The only way this will ever happen is if they have to drop the shunning due to lawsuits.

    The WBTS only acts for two reasons:

    1) the passage of time.

    2) the threat of legal action.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Farkel, I agree. What started this in my thinking was, what will REALLY bring down JW's. Letter writing campaigns and demonstrating at DC's are not effective, and I think, only reinforce what the GB says about former JW's, regardless of how true the apostates are, and how much the GB lies....

    I think the internet is only helpful for those who are already on to the GB's bullshit, and exercise even a minute part of their free will, by (gasp) reading stuff on the internet.

    BTW, what do you have against purple unicorns? I haven't lit my incense candle to "My Pretty Pony" yet.... lol

    I am working on something in my mind... unfortunately, it will probably just turn into the subject for my next 80,000 word blog....

  • undercover
    I think the internet is only helpful for those who are already on to the GB's bullshit, and exercise even a minute part of their free will, by (gasp) reading stuff on the internet.

    Yep, which is why DFing and shunning won't go away. They have to keep a grip on the sheeple. Keep that fear built up in them so they're afraid to look at anything other than WT approved material.

    Once someone starts down the road to questioning, it's only a matter of time before they work up the nerve to Google "Jehovah's Witnesses". After that, they're on their way to freedom.

    If the Society were to rescind DFing and shunning tomorrow and allowed members to leave without condition, the WTS and JWs would cease to exist as we knew them. And then we wouldn't have anyting to bitch about. LOL

  • cliff


    As an outsider (no connection with JWs except knowing some 40 years ago, but a growing interest in humans & religion (small "r"); -

    I notice several comments above about the WTBS leaching money and members. Is this true and verifyable or just (understandable) wishfull thinking?

    Any pointers to further discussion about "lawsuits on shunning"? Very hard to see what civil and criminal laws are being broken or could be. The prectice is disgusting and my eyes have been opened to how much damage this causes, but I canot see (and I work for a law firm) anything actionable apart from other issues like blood etc.

    I am greatly impressed by the courage and scholarship of (some ) members here!

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