Watchtower study edition - "Find Joy in the gift of Singleness".....Oh Brother!!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    June 15 page 29. 40 year old Carmen has her picture on the page...a plain looking girl but she says: "I enjoy what I have, and don't dream of what I don't have." Also interviewed are Loli and Lidana who are good looking but also can't find a husband. "I lead a busy and active life which helps me avoid Ministry really helps people." Carmen adds "If I get Married or not, if I put Kingdom interests first Jehovah will not hold back anything good from me...." {Like a Husband perhaps}

    The article praises all those who are single "for Jehovah until the New system" of course!

  • Priest73


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Oh come on Priest be nice.....their all Lesbians "for the Kingdom."

  • Heaven

    This kind of flies in the face of Adam being 'lonely' when things were first getting started for the human race. So why would God give Adam a mate then if we were to put "Jehovah" and his "Kingdom" first and be content with 'singleness'? I guess Adam was a 'weak witness'.

    This just makes no sense at all. "Find Joy in the gift of Singleness... " my eye!! There is absolutely NO joy in being lonely.

    Of course, this same crap is being brought to you by the same people that decided having children was not a good idea because of all the work to be done in 'the months before Armageddon' (circa 1938-1940). And the crap just keeps on a-flowin'!

  • metatron

    Everytime the Watchtower prints a study article on this crap, I can guarantee that some brother with 3 kids sitting next to him, will offer a heartfelt, pious comment on how wonderful a life of singleness is.

    Some things never change.


  • DaCheech

    single, lesbian, homosexual should be a choice, not forced upon by religion

  • Farkel

    It's a wonder that anyone in this Cult ever breed at all.

    Isn't it ironic that people in the "world" breed in full accordance with God's command to "multiply and fill the earth", and then after obeying God's law, get to see all of their kids butchered by God along with themselves. Yet, dubs are told to disobey God's command to breed, but the kids they never have would NOT be destroyed by God? God didn't tell man to breed AFTER Armageddon. He told them to start breeding right away. Strange.


  • Jim_TX

    Yeah... the irony of it all. You only mentioned 'sisters' in this article - so maybe it was directed at the 'lonely' single gals in dub-land. It must be rough for them... wanting to get married - but no 'approved' bachelors available - and they can't look outside the religion.

    They used to also do this for/to the 'brothers'. Only... they talk out of both sides of their mouth. Cuz... first they tell ya 'it's better to be single', then next sentence they tell ya 'you cannot take the lead in the congregation unless you're married and head of your household'.

    Same ol' same ol'. Some things never change. Just the names they use in their articles.


    Jim TX

  • dinah

    The lesbian angle would explain why 3 or 4 zealous pioneer sisters are usually room mates.

    I can't believe they are writing the same old crap. If they wanted to be honest they should have a picture of an 80-year old spinster with dust bunnies in her naughty place. She can talk about how great her life has been knocking on doors with the end right around the corner---imminent even!

  • startingovernow

    Yeah I read this article. It isn't a study article, just one of the fillers. Sad to say there use to be a time when I believed what was said in such articles, and tried to allign my attititude to fit the mold. Now I question if the woman in the picture is really "Carmen and " if any "Carmen" actually said those words. The writing of the WT is so black and white it is sickening. I look back at all the single "sisters" I knew past the age of 25 in the organization, and I can't think of one that was happy about being single. And I'm not saying marriage would have made them happy, but I do think that being able to date without the pressure of marriage would have done a lot more for their happiness than being alone. I used to also have no doubt that marrying only another JW would be the best thing, but now I realize it's not because the couple could serve Jehovah happily together, but rather, its basically because it is the marriage or the religion that comes first - to serious JWs its the religion, to others, its the marriage.

    This article is just futher shame material to be used against any JW woman/man who feels a better connection with a non-JW. And sadly, it something that will be referenced by others when any single person is feeling lonely - just more "trust in Jehovah" BS, along with the false promise of having many "spiritual mothers, fathers, and siblings" in the organizaiton.

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