This is frustrating

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  • homeschool

    Maybe some people from here would be kind enough to become fast, REAL friends with you (kind of an oxymoron I guess) & then you could put them on your reference list.

    That's really great that you want to do that. I know a couple people who have really made a difference in children's lives. Mad props to you!

  • bluecanary
    I had the same problem when looking for a job..What about old school friends?

    I thought about that, but I wasn't close to anyone in school (not even sure how to find them) and that was 10 years ago. I think they want people who can vouch for the kind of person I am now.

    Thanks homeschool. I considered that, too. I'm going to try calling first to see if they'll make allowance for my situation.

  • cameo-d


    This is what can happen when you don't have "the mark" of connections. (you sure won't be able to buy or sell when you can't get a job. And now, employers are starting to dis anyone with a less than perfect credit history, too.)

    Even the bible scriptures tell us that this world revolves around having the right connections. Take for instance the story of Lot and his family. He was not spared because he was a righteous man. Nowhere does the scriptures state that. That is the twist the wolves have put on it in their interpretation.

    If you go back to the three "angel" messengers that came to was discussed that it was already planned to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and Abraham was asked if he had any family in those areas.

    Lot was "spared" because of his family connection...not because of any character he himself displayed. Also, if you will remember, the "angels" gave him the opportunity to bring his future son in laws out with him. This offer also was not based on any righteous acts, but was all due to "connections".

    And so, that seems to be the system we are in. It is so true..."It's all who you know".

    You would be surprised to know how many people obtain their positions in the workplace and else where because of their fraternal oaths and not because of personal character or merit.

  • blondie

    Why not include workmates, especially supervisors? Or neighbors that you helped out. Did you work with the school system re your children, why not those people?

  • bluecanary

    I don't have children. I don't have any workmates that I've known for more than one year. My life is filled with fleeting connections.

    I never looked at the story of Lot from that standpoint. Thanks, cameo.

  • blondie

    bluecanary, are you considering the people where you previously lived, not just where you live now? I would ask this group if someone you have known a year would qualify.

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