"Christian," Music?

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  • Hikaru

    Just wondering...They ssay too stay away from Babylon The Great and everything about her. What about music from bands that claim they're "Christian?" Some I can kinda see if they have god in the lyrics, but others just claim it and the songs don't have it in the lyrics.

    Everyone interprets music differently, don't they? Just because the song is meant to be christian doesn't mean everyone see's it as that, music is a thing for the mind and can be seen different by every person, it can motivate, depress, or relate. Lyrics have more than just one "set in stone," meaning after all....I see fights over songs on YT a lot, with christians trying to say it's a religious song, and others saying they don't see that meaning.

    I mean bands like RED, Sum41, Casting Crowns (Okay this one does say god in the lyrics..but the songs are so pretty...), Kutless, Lifehouse, Fireflight, Superchick, and many more. Including my all time favorite "Trading Yesterday/Age of Information/David Hodges (Whatever he's going by now.)"

    Is it taking part in BTG to listen to it if you interpret it differently?

    A few examples.

    Sum41 ("Christian" Band)



    Reliant K


    The first two can be interepreted as about god, but to others can be about life, find yourself, or emo..

    The third one at first thought "Okay changing for god." But can also be interpreted as regret for the things of the past...in other senses...

    My final example. My all time favorite song forever. Theme song, heh.

    Trading Yesterday

    David Hodges wrote for churches and was a total Christendom/Christian, so all his music is supposedly christian. And at first listen this song is of course Christian, in every lyric.

    But to emo or depressed, you can interperet deeper and see it as far more than that, the lyrics haunt and make you want to scream and shout to the world....but not in Christian interpretation. Especially the chorus...


    So is listening to that taking part, or is it okay...?

  • palmtree67

    "can be about life, find yourself, or emo.."

    Cheer up, emo chick!

  • bluecanary
    Some I can kinda see if they have god in the lyrics, but others just claim it and the songs don't have it in the lyrics.

    Only two religious groups see a problem with songs lyrics that mention God. Satanists and Jehovah's Witnesses. Why are you so afraid of songs that mention God?

    Why are you posting these questions here rather than on a board with acting JWs? I'm sure the Christians here think Christian music is just fine and the atheists/agnostics probably don't give a flying leap what you choose to listen to. What do you want from life, chica?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Decide for yourself if they are OK.

    You don't need someone else to make every decision for you.

  • BurnTheShips

    If you like it, listen to it. If you don't, don't.


  • yknot

    4 of my radio buttons are Xian stations.

    I appreciate the family friendly commentary tremendously and know several JWs who even listen to them as well!

    Sometimes the cross or trinity comes up but they are far more easier to deal with and morally encouraging then lyrics from Gaga's Lovegame or 3oh!3's Don't Trust Me.........

    .....beyond that .....what Burn said!

  • teel

    I'm gonna be slightly offtopic now, but this whole "music ban" is kind of weird. My native language is not english, so I heard a whole lot that the song that sounds so nice to my ear could talk about satainsm, and I don't even know it. Well, I know what english songs are about, so give me a break. I listened to some hard rock songs (yeah yeah, that means I'm doomed I think), and guess what? they were singing about peace and love . Imagine the reaction of a brother heard me listening to that... so is it lyrics that we should be avoiding, or a specific mix of instruments?

    And as Hikaru said, "everyone interprets music differently". Not long ago I heard a talk on the radio that somewhere they banned the music of Marylin Manson for being satanist, and they argued, that even those lyrics could be interpreted as different. For example the words "even if you [he was talking about God] lived, we would kill you" could be interpreted as a criticism of the unbelieving society. It's all a matter of interpretation.

  • Hikaru

    Some "Christian," songs are also kinda uplifting...even if the believe is false. Some are good enough to be JW songs. Like other than Shattered, my current favorite one, that helps in thoughts.


    This one really says a lot..

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    <---- emo sings "I'm so happy I could slit my wrists"


    Relient K are one of my top bands, I hadn't heard Sum41 until today - I think I might be listening to some more now though! I agree with you Hikaru, there's a lot of Christian bands out there now whose lyrics fit in quite well with the mainstream scene. I think its quite good at acting as a balance considering some of the lyrics in today's music. As for the connection to Babylon the Great - I think its as connected as you feel it to be - as you wrote, it's in the interpretation. Philippians 4:8 tells us to think on the good and praiseworthy things, so if Christian music lifts your spirit, I see it as ok - but equally, if secular music has that impact on me, that's good too

    Here's one of my fave Relient K songs - the lyrics may hit quite strongly (in a good way!) to some folks here who are struggling with the fallout of leaving the org.


  • Lillith26

    I dont know or care what religion Toni Childs is- Iam going to see her preform live a few weeks time- I cant wait- She has an amazing voice.

    I was a singer before study with the JW's and Toni Childs album 'House of Hope' was the only CD I could not bare to part with!!! so glad i didn't now as replacing my old music collection has been costly- but sooo worth it!

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