anyone visit haunted hotels

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  • John Doe
    John Doe


  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    Peter Gabriel?

  • oldflame

    Being a paranormal investigator myself and the founder of Shasta paranormal I can tell you that anyone who does not believe that there are spirits are onlt fooling themselves. It is either a fear of knowing the truth or fear of the fact that if you do believe it would change yopur mind on particular issues. Now being jw's or should I say here being ex jw's we were brain washed to believe that those spirits that we do see are meerely demons.

    Well I got news not all spirits are demons. There are two kinds of hauntings one being a residual haunting which just repeats itself over and over again, it does not know your there and does not care. The other being an intelligent haunting where you can actually communicate with them. and they with you. If you sceptics really want to know the truth just google ghost videos if after doing some research on the issue the make up your mind.

    If anyone has any questions about the paranormal you can email me at [email protected] or you can go to my site at there you can also see my latest photo of a spirit who I had been talking with. This spirit was standing right in front of me and we were communicating with a tool called a Franksbox. His name is Evan......

    happy ghost hunting everyone.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    oldflame, I have no wish to debate the existence of ghosts (I'm not a believer). I just wondered if anyone was interested in haunted hotels, as I find the phenomenon rather interesting. There's a lot of money being made off of this stuff.

  • Quirky1
  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    The paranormal exists, i.e. Natural phenomena which science cannot YET explain. Sure.

    The supernatural however? No. There is no such thing. All phenomena is natural, it's just that some of it is a bit beyond the explanatory power of contempory science. Just like most contemporary science is beyond the explanatory power of the science around in the times of Isaac Newton. In the future though, science will figure it out. Just give it another 100-200 years & we'll get there.

    There may be 'spirits' as we would call them. But they are not ghosts or demons, they are just other natural lifeforms, that's all.

    On the other hand, it may all just be delusions.

  • blondie

    If they were, I wasn't bothered. Have never had a supernatural experience.

  • Gram

    The Queen Mary is supposed to have many haunted sites. I stayed there once in the hotel -- nothing weird happened. Went on the "haunted" tour -- "Ghosts & Legends" again nothing.

  • Virgochik

    Not a hotel, but we went on the ghostwalk in the haunted vaults of was creepy, damp and dark, but we didn't experience anything. Several years ago, we stayed at an old hotel in Leadville, Colorado. I found a log in the chest drawer from previous guests, describing what they'd experienced in our room! During the night, hubby snored and slept but I felt cold air and chills. In the morning, he said he hadn't noticed anything, but I swear the room temperature was freezing. I barely slept at all. I don't know what to make of it.

  • Leolaia

    I spent a week at Hampton Court Palace (supposedly one of the most haunted places in Britain), in the former kitchen of King George II, and we were free to walk the grounds at night. We even had a tour by the resident ghost warder. But I'm afraid we never saw no ghosts. And that's too bad....I was hoping to see Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, or Henry VIIIth.

    OTOH I also spent a week at Tixall Gatehouse, a 16th-century house which had quite a few famous visitors (like Mary Queen of Scots). One night we were playing cards by the window on the second floor (really high up from ground level), and suddenly something banged rather hard into the window. Really scared it came from outside. Maybe it was a bat, or maybe....

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