Red Bull punted in baptismal talk

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  • Vidqun
    An acquaintance reported that the brother giving the baptismal talk at a regional assembly recently punted Red Bull a few times. He never mentioned Red Bull by name, but he referred to the drink that "gives you wings" more than once. This sounds like subliminal advertising. Would they get paid for it? The gist of the talk was that baptism takes you on a long an arduous journey. After many tribulations and trials you reach you reach your destination, God's new heavens and new earth according to Is. 65:17. Can anyone verify the above according to his or her own experience at an assembly?
  • cofty
    Probably just a silly illustration.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I agree, isn’t it just the stupidity of the speaker. I remember a wedding talk in the KH given by a bro who was mechanic by trade referring to the workings of a motor to marriage. The bride was less than impressed.

  • Vidqun
    I know for a fact that the CO officiated at the occasion. He approves everything that is said from the platform. Would he have gone along with such an illustration? What happened to Jehovah and Jesus? Or is it a case of replacing Holy Spirit with another spirit? No matter how one reasons on the matter, it is hilarious? And the dear brothers and sisters just lap it up because they love it...
  • _Morpheus

    Lol i appreciate the tendancy to see it as all about money but im 100% sure it was not advertising for red bull. If nothing else red bull wouldnt be interested in paying to market its energy drink to such a small audience and do so subliminally at that. They sponsor huge events, race cars and traditional 30 second television comercials, among other forms of advertising . The about to be baptised cult crowd isnt their demographic.

    Nothng to see here :)

  • prologos
    Yeah, Red Bull sponsors cliff diving championships, not as baptisms though. The spraker was probably paraphrasing Isa. 40:31. : " mount on wings like eagles--".
  • OnTheWayOut

    If it were said that baptism or taking life's water from Jehovah's Witnesses is comparable to a drink whose slogan is "gives you wings," then it was a horrible illustration that will confuse all those converted Catholics that it is part of the path to heaven- getting your angel wings. It will contribute (in some small way) in that area to partakers at the Memorial.

    Either that, or it's just something that was said and 99% weren't really listening.

  • millie210
    There probably werent any baptismal candidates either!
  • Chook

    It's a fact that they received kick backs from city councils for hosting international it there

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