Judge Rutherford Cadillac

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  • possible-san

    1928 Judge Rutherford Cadillac


    At that time, how much was it?
    And at current prices, how much is it?

    Why did he need those two luxury cars, in the period of the "Great Depression"?

    Probably, alcohol is contained in his brain.
    And he drove the car.


  • Farkel

    :At that time, how much was it?
    :And at current prices, how much is it?

    :Why did he need those two luxury cars, in the period of the "Great Depression"?

    There's a section in this piece with your answers:



  • possible-san

    Thanks, Farkel.

    "between $5,400.00 and $9,200.00"

    Does "$5,400.00" mean "5400 dollars"?
    Is the price of it 500,000 yen?

    Well, at current prices, how much is it?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    About US$200,000 if you could find one.

  • possible-san

    Thanks, Black Sheep.

    In the United States of the period of the "Great Depression", the unemployment rate was 25 percent.
    Didn't many people become victims for the "success" of one person?

  • glenster

    "The Classic Car Club of America rates all V-16s as CCCA Full Classics, a
    rating reserved for only the finest automobiles of the 1925–1948 period. Values
    reflect these opinions; particularly fine examples of the 1930 production can
    change hands for more than US$500,000 as of 2004[update]. As always, con-
    vertibles are the most valued, and the earlier cars more so than the 1938-40

    If it can be shown that it was Rutherford's, the price would go up.

  • possible-san

    Thanks, glenster.

  • possible-san

    Hi, Black Sheep.

    Mr. firisofa made the PDF of the Watchtower October 15, 2009.

    I trust you.
    Probably, you thank to him and you can provide it.

    Or yknot will do so.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis


    Some examples of car prices in the 1920's and how much it cost for a new car

    Austin 20 Touring Car $695 1920

    Austin 20 Coupe $850 1920

    Austin 20 Landaulet $875 1920

    Buick Touring Car (six) Model D $650.00 1921

    Cadillac Touring Car $3940 1921

    Cadillac Victoria $4540 1921 Wisconsin

    Chevrolet Superior Roadster $490.00 1924 Wisconsin


    You know what would be kinda interesting is to locate that exact car. And didn't he own two of them? One for Beth Sarim and one for his Jersey digs?

    As a classic car buff with some background in collecting, I'd bet that particular car is still around. The car clubs keep terrific history and pedigree records...may not take too much to locate it...then buy it for our own apostate purposes...

    We could take turns dressing up as David or other "ancient worthies" and driving it to car shows....or better yet to the Kingdum Halls.


  • cantleave

    How do members of the GB get about today?

  • sacolton

    Jehovah's grand chariot picks them up and drops them off.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    What would a true messenger of god doing riding in that to the conventions , you would think he would be riding on top of

    a donkey in a chaste and humble way.

    Joe on the other hand was a king of a kingdom.

    Power , money , prestige , respect and honor from subordinates,

    Judge Rutherford was indeed a successful man, unfortunately all at a terrible cost to humanity .

  • homejah

    I remember a Awake magazine article about automobiles that was published either in 2000 or 2001 or2. It has the Supreme Court building on the cover. It has a photo of a 16 cylender Cadillac and no other than Judge Ruderford standing behind it. It was similar to the photo P-S sent. P-S, I hope you find that issue.

  • possible-san

    Justitia Themis, BONEZZ, cantleave, sacolton, The Almighty Homer, homejah.

    Hi, sacolton.
    Probably, the F-14 Tomcat is stronger than Jehovah's chariot, IMO.
    The U.S. navy will defeat it thoroughly.
    Well, that price is 38 million dollars!


  • JWoods

    I just got my latest Hemmings motor news (auto collector news mag). There are usually about 2 or 3 of the big V12 and V16 Cadillacs up for auction - and it is very hard to say what one really brings in today's troubled times. Market as a whole is off by about 1/3 and is not showing signs of recovery anytime soon.

    I would think that one of the 1930s era V16 models with an attractive body and good restored show condition would go for about $275,000 USD. Previously owned by da Judge would not mean much of anything to a collector today - Al Capone, maybe - but not this forgotten religious nut.

    The really big money in 20s and 30s classics is reserved for the special bodied Packard, Duesenberg, Rolls-Royce, Hispano Suiza and such.

    Incidentally, I put up this car (BTW weren't there actually two; the sedan and a convertible coupe?) on the antiques section of my Ferrari site trying to see if it could still be around and have not had any response...maybe time to try that again. If anybody has a picture of the other one, put it up here and I will ask around.

  • Farkel

    Yes, there were two v16s: a sedan and a convertible coupe.

    Da Judge claimed these were reserved for the exclusive use of the resurrected ancients. As I have pointed out before a Cadillac convertible is not exactly the ideal car to haul around a dozen guys like Abraham, David, Solomon, Exekiel, et.al. so they could be on a panel to answer questions. A bus would have been a more practical choice.

    Of course we know what the Judge said about those cars were to be used for was total bullshit. And so did he while he was tooling around with the top down and a jug of whiskey in his hand, laughing his ass off.


  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    This appears to be the convertible JWood , it would be very interesting if either of those Cadillacs could be found .

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    The Touring Sedan might be similar to this one

    Most of these expensive luxury cars were sold and passed on to other people who could afford them

    and they too had the means to maintain them and keep them up.

    Of course there also the ones that didn't get cared for and were eventually destroyed or used for parts

    to keep others up and going.

    I sure wouldn't mind having that convertible to play around with.

    Your right JWood though in being the ones that are still around and beautifully restored to be valued in the $ 200,000 range.

  • JWoods

    Your right JWood though in being the ones that are still around and beautifully restored to be valued in the $ 200,000 range.

    I sure wouldn't mind having that convertible to play around with.

    Neither would I...but of course it is not now nor ever will be the glory 7 figure car that a Bugatti or Duesenberg of the same era is.

    Interestingly, there is one coming up for auction in September - said to have something they call the "Madame X" style town car. I think it came from the name of a movie it was used in??? Usually the really good cars will have something of a provenance - and maybe here somebody will uncover the Judgemobile. Probably the only other possibility would be knowing the works or chassis number and working back from that with one of the club registries.

    BTW, maybe "Madame X" would have kind of been a fit for the judge and his secretaries.

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