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    And where is the proof that they are actually God's spokesmen and not impostors that are merely posing as such to usurp things from people? Besides, where is the proof that the Bible was actually telling the truth about these matters?

    On top of that, it is totally possible for God to have been totally truthful with a handful of people in a handful of incidents solely to write them up and then use them for reference in lieu of doing anything for us. For every one time God provided, there could be tens of millions of instances where that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag left people to suffer for no reason. Of course, those incidents are not going to get written up--the whole purpose for writing up these incidents is to coerce people into believing something is going to happen, without actually letting it.

    I would say that Jehovah feels there are enough stock examples of His providence for all times. He does not ever need provide again--just point to the Bible and then demand that people react to these stock examples instead of reality. And, if God doesn't provide, He can always say that you didn't have enough faith or that there is no guarantee, but non-providence is because He didn't feel you needed it (another stock excuse).

    As for me, I will not put my faith in that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag to ever provide me anything except what will benefit Him alone without providing me any benefit whatsoever. On top of that, He has sabotaged my happiness solely so He can get more out of me, despite I haven't been to a boasting session or in field circus in 4 years. For that reason alone, these stock examples (which could well be fake or embellished, like the Grand Boasting Session "experiences" today are) will not move me to give up anything and follow the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger, even if they can prove that they actually are from God. What God did for them, He will not do for us today--there is no way my experiences are ever going in that f***ing Bible unembellished--that would make it blatant how wicked and sinister God really is, and no one would ever be able to fall for these "I am God's spokesman" scams again.

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    New Light, You wrote ""DING DING DING!!!" you KNOW you are offically in a cult if you see this in your email!"

    I do sincerely hope that you don't base all yout decisions on what shows up in your e-mail.

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    Same crap they pulled in the early 70's. My folks bought a bunch of freeze-dried food in cans, 'just in case we have to flee to the mountains.' Of course, it didn't happen in 75. In 76, mom started trying to get the family to eat the hundreds of dollars worth of freeze-dried stuff. She'd slip it into other recipies, soups, cassaroles. It was real nasty. We ate what we could, but my little brother sat at the table gaging to get it down. Eventually, she threw most of it out.

    What's really sad is that, we were broke. Dad was struggling in his business having been victim of an embezzeler, and that was money we didn't really have to spare. The salesman? You guessed it... a traveling 'brother'.


  • teel

    Yeah, all good. Except! In absolutely all of the cases in the Bible the outcome showed any bystander they were truly led by God. Now ask this brothers: were all directions coming from the faithful slave for the benefit of the ones directed? Has Moses, after giving out a direction to the israelites ever needed to say "Ooops"?

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    Think About It
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