Is the Harvest Inn (Patterson NY) owned by a Witness?

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  • Mary
    "...We do the days text each day on bus trips, share stories, and watch movies in a controlled atmosphere. We also have the Watchtower Study and School during the trip with everyone having opportunity to share...."

    There's just no escape is there?

  • out4good3

    There is no way I would be caught on a tour bus full of JWs. Already been asked by my wife who wants to visit Bet-hell.

    No F$%&ing way!!!!!

  • freedomisntfree

    I went on one of thoose bus tours to an intl convention .We watched bambi hahaha

  • daniel-p

    The Harvest Inn is at Pine Bush (where Wallkill complex is) and is owned by witnesses. The Patterson Inn is at Patterson, as is run by the Bethel complex.

  • wunce_wuz

    "We feel it is part of our service to God," and John Roth, Jr., a contractor from Albany, Ga., interrupting his carpentry work on frames for one building.

    When I was at Bethel I knew a guy with that same name from Georgia (worked in the pressroom)... must be his kid... I find that almost unbelievable recalling stories and escapades...

  • moshe

    Thank you Blondie for the Patterson story and hotel pictures link- a 450 car garage at the farm? I guess some of the volunteers have other sources of income or they are sharing a car together. Eventually this huge complex will become a financial drain for the WT corporation as the buildings age and the need for all that space diminishes. This place was built in the pre-Internet era and need for the printed page steadly declines every year due to the Internet. Declining membership no longer pushes the WT literature either, since they switched to a contribution cost basis for it's distribution. I wonder if someone could make it to those hotel parking lots some night and handbill all the JW's cars?

  • Amazing

    Thanks Sir82 ... yes, Patterson Inn ... good ... now I remember.

  • Palimpsest

    Sorry to drag up an old post, but I just found this...

    Yes, the Harvest Inn is owned by Witnesses, but not the WTBTS. I've stayed there multiple times. There is also a restaurant near the premises that's owned by Witnesses, and they encourage you to have your meals there if you're not eating at Patterson/Walkill. They also sell all of the usual Witness paraphranelia -- big-eyed notecards/magnets, book covers, "New York" souvenirs that are all related to the WTBTS facilities in the area, etc. -- in their gift shop. The rooms have NWTs in the nightstands (no Gideons welcome, naturally!), and there are all sorts of other reminders scattered around. Although they are obviously open to anyone, the rooms book well in advance by bus tour groups, and they also don't do secular advertising, so it's really just Witnesses there. And no, there's no HBO. ;)

    To be honest, even though I haven't set foot in a hall since the 2005 Memorial, I'd probably stay there again if I were in the area for something else. It's very clean (as you'd expect), the service is good, and the prices are reasonable. Just don't wear an apostate badge or anything. ;)

  • dozy

    Thanks Blondie & others for the info. The pictures of Patterson were quite eye-opening , though I have heard JWs excitedly speak about it after visiting. It all looks very corporate HQ. Feel physically sick that my donations ( in financial and physical terms ) have contributed to such a building.

    According to the news report , it cost $50 million but was worth $130 million when completed. And that is how the WTBTS works. Build , develop with free labour , sell. I would imagine that the Watchtower etched glass would by now have been removed , following the new edict , and maybe the waterfall has been remodelled.

    The Harvest Inn must be a very profitable business , with a guaranteed clientele and with almost 100% occupancy. And hopefully not too many towels pinched!

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