Philippians 2:5-11

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    Excellent post JD.

  • Sanctifire

    Its very difficult to write anything anywhere without offending someone. At 81 and after 50 years in the truth, as it were, that proves even more difficult. What is profoundly worse is that I have been disfellowshipped in January 2008 for allowing Jehovah's word to take precedence over man's and that seems really stupid because I am just a man with words. What now?
    I am all on my own, do not associate with any religion nor shall I ever.

    Ok now, Philippians 2:5-11; My Goodness what a mess. If there were no Old Testament or one believes in the Trinity those verses play a merry old and not so dissonant tune. Fine. Even if one's Christian legacy is without that tribal Roman Trinity, the editorial fiddles of the early Trinitarian and other apostates, have left an indelible mark on doctrine so much so that doctrinal matters Jesus, salvation and kingdom have remained virtually unchanged for non-Trinitarians. The son comes down from heaven, dies so that others can keep theirs and then gets his own life back, you know the one he had given away in exchange for the lives of others thus saved, and then goes back to heaven. That is a trinitarian charade.

    Paul's all things written aforetime (Romans 15:4) needs to dominate the Christian mindset in order to determine what is true. That is all Jesus and the Apostles had as the basis for all they taught. Inspiration only came into play for accurately recalling events and reporting these accurately as well as explaining current in the light of the things the prophets had written -recall Philip explaining Isaiah 53 to the Ethiopian Eunuch.

    It is absolutely imperative also to understand the use of plural personal pronouns in the NT as well as in the words of the OT Prophets.
    The OT prophets only spoke to and about Israel. To identify the audience Isaiah 53 was written to, one only needs to read chapter 1. That Easy!

    The NT is entirely about the Israel of God, the Bride of Christ, the little flock to be given the kingdom by God -Luke 12:32.
    Although the whole of Jehovah's human creation will be the ultimate beneficiaries, unless a proper government is selected and installed first, no citizenry can exist to be governed and instructed.

    The all things written aforetime are of course the OT. These set the scene or background for the new testament, which is not and never shall be a change of mind by Jehovah, because Israel had failed their initial assignment. All of Jehovah's original promises and assignments still stand as a guarantee that Jehovah shall ALWAYS keep His promises and has NEVER wavered from acomplishing His original purpose for Humanity
    -Genesis 1:26-28.

    The two most important and absolutely imperative types for the NT fulfilment antitypes are:
    1. the Abraham/Isaac/sheep drama and
    2. the Elijah-Elisha hand-over.

    Just as there were three characters in the type or prefigurement:
    Abraham - his only-begotten son Isaac offered in sacrifice - and a sheep that saved him and Israel still in his loins,
    there are also three characters in the antitype:
    Jehovah - His only-begotten son offered in sacrifice for Israel - and Jesus the sheep who saved him by dying instead.

    Is that a problem? Which world did Jesus die for in John 3:16. Check it out yourselves in Strong's!

    In both instances, type AND antitype, when the sheep died, the only begotten came off the real/virtual altar of Jehovah's will alive and able
    to continue with God's purpose for him, while the sheep remained dead, having given its/his life for the one thus saved.
    The sheep must remain dead forever for the one saved to retain his. Is there anyone out there able to understand this? Too simple?

    It only took early Christians a little over a hundred years or so to walk away from the invisible God Jehovah and embrace a dead Jesus on a cross or in some other concrete form that can be touched, kissed or otherwise venerated in the manner of all tribal practices and especially that of the Roman tradition of family worship.

    The verses in Philippians 2:5-11 are all about Jehovah's only-begotten angelic son's full adoption as the very first member of Jehovah's family of divine beings as a true son of God of the same divine kind as God Himself. Another 143999 are currently awaiting a similar rebirth as divine sons of God as they are adopted at the resurrection of most already dead and the few left on earth at the change when called to their higher office in heavenly governance.

    Too much? Yeah perhaps. Not easy for me either. Anyway, I have no heavenly or other aspirations. I only want to help my former team mates and all others loving Jehovah and His word. Thanks for allowing me to say this.

    I do have a 144-page website, the URL of which I shall no divulge here for fear of offending the admin of this site and others.
    It answers any and all questions/objections that will arise from the above.

  • abbasgreta
    abbasgreta my fave passage of scripture. Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen.

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