Um . . . do I have multiple personalities?

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  • bluecanary

    Ok, I just finally checked out this thread:

    where I apparently posted a very amusing video. Only I didn't post that. So either someone posted it under my name (unlikely), I posted it while under possession of another consciousness (I leave the liklihood of that to your imagination) or, due to a technical issue, someone else's post is coming up with my name. I can't be the only one who sees it because homeschool thanked me personally for posting it.

    I swear I've never seen this video before! It was pretty cute. And I saw the NWT Jeopardy episode. Is my reality warping?

  • Hope4Others

    ah, were you drinking when you posted that?

  • musky

    Yup, drinkin lol

  • journey-on

    I've heard of people using Ambien doing things they don't remember doing, even sleepwalking, having phone conversations, etc. Are you taking this sleep medication?


    Roses are Red

    Violets are Blue

    I`m skitsophranic..


    So am I !!..

    Crazy 1


  • ozziepost

    Ahh, howdy pardner!

    You ain't no skitzzofrentic mate! Stay just the way you are!


    Hey OZ!!..

    I missed you Bud!..

    Nice to have you home!!..


  • Satanus

    To have a personality split off, it would take some hell of a traumatic experience, when you were younger.


  • bluecanary
    To have a personality split off, it would take some hell of a traumatic experience, when you were younger.

    I was raised as a witness. Does that count?

    No booze and no drugs. If I'm crazy, it's the sober kind. Sober crazy. That would be an excellent name for a rock band.

  • chickpea

    DID... dissociative identity disorder

    wikipedia has a decent article about it

    i happen to know 3 "people" IRL who
    have this diagnosis and have had the
    distinct pleasure of having met 5/4/4 of
    their inners/alters, most of them children...
    their mission: to harbor the history that
    cleaved them from the core personality....

    (i work with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse)

    in fact, one friend is not even the birth person,
    but a mature alter who fronts for the collective,
    holding a job and keeping everyone safe... her
    current terror is that she will disappear if the core
    personality becomes active

    as you might imagine, their histories are
    horrific and rife with extensive traumatic

    my best assumption is that you
    do not have a DID diagnosis

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