Waking Up to a Day of Horror and Shock

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  • cameo-d

    On Sat., August 12, while leaders attended a garden party, Ulbricht signed the order to close the border and erect a wall.

    At midnight the construction began.

    As the sun rose on August 13, 1961, construction was well underway and Germany was totally divided by barricades within the few hours of one day!

    In the wee hours, police and military units had begun to close the border. They tore up the streets and used the paving stones to create blockades. The streets became impassable to vehicles.

    Within a few hours, the East German troops and workers successfully divided 97 miles by installing barbed wire entanglements and fences.

    The first concrete elements of the Wall proper began on August 15, 1961.

    Can you imagine how people felt to wake up to such a day of horror and shock? To find that they have been physically divided from their families? That they could no longer go to their jobs? That guns were turned on them and they would be shot if they did not comply?

    Can you imagine how galled they were to realize their own people ---both civilian and troops---had complied in doing this to them?

    Can you imagine their wonderment at suddenly realizing that the conspiracy theorists had been right?

    You would think they would have gotten a hint, when two months prior to construction--a prominent socialist party secretary stated in a International Press Conference:(translated) "No one has any intention of erecting a wall!"

    (Was this a slip of the tongue or an attempt to quell rumors?)

    Anyway, it was a statement made just 'out of the blue'. It should have sent up red flags to anyone who was paying attention.

    Do you have a piece of the Berlin Wall?

    I do.

  • cliff

    So do I. I chipped it out myself.

    I was there when we pulled it down.

    It also marked the beginning of the end of my business cross/border.

  • Satanus

    The new wall is in israel, a 'democracy'.


  • cameo-d

    Welcome to the board, Cliff.

    Would you be willing to share the memories of some of your experiences?

    Did any of the people have some clue or indication that the roadblocks would start?

    Were there rumors and whispers?

    Had people already begun to migrate to other areas?

    What was the reaction of the people on August 13 upon finding themselves trapped?

    Why were people not able to band together to resist this? Did they not see it coming...or was it disbelief that it would/could happen?

  • NewYork44M

    My first awakening to the truth about the truth was in deconstructing the king of the north belief. I first realized something was wrong with my belief system when Reagan gave his famous "tear down these walls" speech.

    Up to that point I totally accepted the watchtower belief that the Soviet Union was the KON, and that this king would ultimately over power the King of the South, which would usher in the Great Tribulation.

  • cameo-d

    NewYork: My first awakening to the truth about the truth was in deconstructing the king of the north belief"

    Yes, Virginia, there is a King of the North. Perhaps you were being misled to look in the wrong direction.


  • sammielee24

    Cameo - does this parallel in some way, the mindset of many regarding the possibility of forced vaccinations this coming fall?

    Can't recall the radio station I had on last night but some Doctor was on there and she insists that there will be forced vaccinations this fall and she is advising against them. She said that these are 3 or 4 part series of shots and they will be tracking people/ID'ing them for the files as to who has them and who doesn't. She links the rise in ADD/ADHD/Autism and a lot of other illness over the past 25 years to all the vaccines that we've forced on our kids and then turn around and give a drug to in order to correct the problem.

    Anyway, according to a bunch of people they believe that if this happens, there will be a revolution in this country - and I just wondered if people are given the information now, if people had known back then that a wall was going to be erected, would the German people have resisted? sammieswife.

  • JWoods

    A horror indeed. But it did inspire the many heroic stories of escape...one of my favorites was the guy who took the windshield off of his Austin-Healey sports car and drove under the barrier while the gestapo shot at him with machine pistols. He and his girlfriend survived because he had loaded the trunk with bricks.

    Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.

  • WTWizard

    You mean, when the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery claims that they do not want to plunge the world into the Second Dark Ages? Or when the witlesses that dragged me in tell me that they do not want me to be celibate so I can join the Value Destroyer Training School after p***ing away several years recruiting just plain men, to plunge the world into the Second Dark Ages?

    Here is the red flag--they actually want to do just that.

  • cameo-d

    Sammieswife:"according to a bunch of people they believe that if this happens, there will be a revolution in this country "


    I fully believe that this "revolution" is actually being contrived by the powers that be....the xtian dominionists...who are not actually xtians. These are the elite at the top of the food chain who make ALOT of money off of religion.

    I also believe it is this same faction that is trying to stir up political dissent.

    As soon as a great disturbance can be created, that is when the *********** who have already stated they are out to "get the pirates" will begin to take out apostates, atheists, and truthers. It is the only way they can keep control over the few zombies they have left. After all, if we are shaking up their coffers, we are the pirates.

    When there is widespread confusion, it will be much easier to nab people or take them out in the middle of the night.

    Calling to report a missing person? The phones will probably just ring off the hook. There is too much going on in the streets.

    They may not be wearing militia uniforms, either. They may be dressed like a health care worker coming to pick you saying "you have been exposed to virus" or some such thing. I am sure however they execute those plans it will be sly and with stealth.

    Could it happen as soon as this fall? Well, the sacrificial altar is being built and the day of the real purim--Day of Atonement--most important day of the year for blood sacrifice-- is late Sept.

    This may explain some things: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/bible/179943/1/Sacrifices-in-the-Temple

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