Star Trek & Star Wars If About JWs

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  • FLDude

    Just thought I'd share these "alternate" titles. I included both Star Trek and Star Wars to satisfy both sets of fans. Any suggestions or improvements are welcome!

    Star Trek

    JW Trek I: Something's Wrong With This (Motion) Picture

    JW Trek II: The Wrath of Barbour

    JW Trek III: The Search For Russell's Tomb

    JW Trek IV: The Journey To Pittsburgh

    JW Trek V: The Final Isolated Group

    JW Trek VI: The Undiscovered Territory (You Know, The One That Gets Worked Every 3 Years)

    JW Trek VII: Just What Is A Generation?

    JW Trek VIII: Initial Contact (With The Unfortunate Householder)

    JW Trek IX: Resurrection (It's Just Around The Corner)

    JW Trek X: JW Brown's Nemesis

    Star Wars

    JW Wars I: The Apostate Menace

    JW Wars II: Attack of the Mindless Brain Washed Drones

    JW Wars III: Revenge of the Jonadab Class

    JW Wars IV: A New Date Set (Hopes Raised)

    JW Wars V: The Governing Body Strikes Back

    JW Wars VI: Return of the Anointed

  • kurtbethel

    Yeah. Pretty good.

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