Confusing details in "What Does the Bible Really Teach?"

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  • WingCommander

    Sorry guys, but I have to say I've never heard this spin of EVERYONE that dies before Armaggedon being resurrected. This was NEVER taught to me. It was always that you had to be in God's Ark, his "Earthly Organization" (WTBTS) or at the very least studying with the Witnesses in order to be resurrected if you died before Armaggedon. All other Christians that choose to stay in Christendom were not be resurrected, as they rejected the message that was preached to them at the door by the JW's.......hence, we were doing a great "seperating work". I know this position has changed, so that now that is not the case; Jesus is supposed to do that after Armaggedon.

    You want proof to back up my statement?? When my "Worldly" grandfather died in 1989, the first thing JW's that knew my JW family would ask my mother is, "I'm sorry, was he a Witness?" When my mother would answer, "No...." there would be "Ooohh......I'm so sorry." In other words, grandpa wouldn't be petting and pandas in the New Order, as he was already judged not worthy of resurrection. He's wicked, so no hope for him!!!

    I mean, even inactive ones were considered a risk of not making it....much less "Worldy" people that didn't accept WT's or Awakes at the door!! The (1) scripture that JW's love to use to smooth over this "exclusivity of resurrection doctrine", is the one that states something to the effect of, "Both the righteous and the unrighteous will be resurrected." This was commonly used on Sister Pioneer during her unbelieving mates funeral service in order to make her feel better.

    As for the above mentioned scripture about Jesus stating that the resurrected would be like the angels, neither marrying or being given in marriage, this is correct. There is a scripture where Jesus explains this. This brings up a hard question though, why would Jesus say this if people were not angels? Are they to be sexless??? Are they to be literal angels? The witnesses always seem to have to tap dance around this.

    I believe there's another chapter earlier in the Bible Teach Book that backs me up somewhat on this, but I have to go find it tomorrow.

    - Wing Commander

  • hamsterbait

    Joel in Georgia-

    Sorry you are not up to speed on old doctrine.

    The Witchtower used to teach that if you rejected gods message of salvation in a "judgement period" you would not receive a resurrection.

    Thus nobody before the Flood, Israel in the wilderness, Nineveh, Jerusalem pre 607, or Jerusalem post 70, or those dying after 1914 being judged as goats will receive a resurrection.

    What I want to know is what will happen to those judged as goats who died, without hope now the teaching has changed??

    Incidentally look up the Aid book on Nineveh, and when Nebuchadnezzar marched on it. Very interesting.


  • sir82
    Is this a flash of "New Light", or merely sugar-coating what they really believe???

    Not new. There was a series of WT articles in 1995 on the "sheep and goats" parable - it emphasized that the judgment of the "sheep and goats" is yet future - at the time the "Great Tribulation". Thus, anyone and everyone who dies before the start of the "Great Tribulation" has not yet been judged a "goat", and thus has the hope of a resurrection.

    I think they always kinda sorta hinted at that, but the 1995 articles made it crystal clear.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    OK, well this explains my uncle and his idiotic rambling at my mother's memorial "party". I thought he had lost his mind. He started preaching in front of the whole group of guests about how they had hope to see my mother again here on this earth. Blah, blah, blah, blah blah! She hadn't stepped foot in a kingdom hall in 30 years or more. Although she was baptized and a very active member for 20+ years. I didn't realize they had changed their teachings on this stuff. Fortunately, most of the people there had absolutely no idea what he was talking about and thought he had been drinking too much wine!

  • Satanus

    Thanks for the rundown.

    The wt has multiple streams of teachings going at the same time. It can emphasize one stream and let the others fade. It can claim that it's new light, because it's been pulled from the background to the foreground or claim that it always taught that.That's the advantage of having no systematic theology, their teaching is a moving target that's harder to hit. It also serves the cult technique of keeping the worker bees, i mean members slightly off balance, always dependent on the hive queen, i mean gb.


  • mkr32208
    because they basically state that DEATH has paid for our sins, and that everyone will be resurrected, allowed time to change and follow God's laws, and THEN be judged by Jesus

    Yes that's old light, that's why they have to keep the end being 'so close so close so close!!!' If they said the end is coming in another 100 years then everyone would just do what they wanted! I mean the SECOND you die your sins in life are paid for. That's why they waffle so much on the people in sodom and gomorrah. They died so their sins are paid but god killed them so would he bring them back to just have to possibly kill them again? Idiot religion really...

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