anyone else play world of warcraft?

by John Doe 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Descender

    I used to play it - way way way too much. Life is better without it, at least for me.

    Check out this video about MMO games, it's pretty good. I think it'll only be available for viewing for a few more days on Hulu.

  • Flarke

    I play wow! And I'm female.... ZOMG! I play alliance (not by choice, my friends wanted to be, I wanted to be horde! I love my taurens) , my thing is raids although my toon is poorly geared ---TANK ugh... Next toon is gonna be dps fo sho!

  • Flarke

    Oh yeah BTW, warcraft and getting laid really don't have a common link...... I think it more has to do with personality and looks.... ZOMG!!!! LOLOLOLOL

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