Disfelowshipping Statistics

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  • foolsparadise

    Remember when the society used to say that the majority of ones df'ed each year was because of immorality. I bet you anything the majority each year is for apostacy because they figure out this whole truth fiasco is nothing but a big lie. The society would rather have people think it is for immorality. Asses!!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    They need to use the trashiest label for their "deviants."

  • Mattieu
    The society would rather have people think it is for immorality.

    Heck, it was always more fun when a disfellowshiping announcement was made to imagine some exciting immoral act than plain old boring apostasy!

  • jwfacts

    I agree that the % for apostasy is increasing, though doubt the WTS is likely to release the figures.

    For a long time about 1% of JWs have been disfellowshipped each year and it was said the majority was for fornication. Now that they are moving to use disassociation as much as possible for legal reasons it will warp the statistics. It is still said that the majority are "disfellowshipped" for fornication, which may be true because a large percent of "apostates" dissassociate.

  • passwordprotected

    Between the two local congregations there are around 200 publishers. In the past 12 months there has been 3 disassociations and 1 disfellowshipping. All for apostasy.

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