Everybody Wants Slaves

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  • metatron

    Who wants a slave? Answer: Everybody wants slaves! Slaves can't strike. You don't have to listen to their complaints. You can order them around and not care about their feelings or lives. They have to do what you want.

    What some examples? Here we go!

    Banks want slaves! Read your monthly credit card statement. Your "minimum monthly payment" will be printed prominently at the top LIKE THIS. The actual total you owe will be de-emphasized , as if a minor detail. You will have to look carefully to find it. They want you to depend on them. They want slaves. Why do you think they loaned money to "people who couldn't afford a house" in the subprime debacle? They need more slaves.

    Drug companies want slaves. Are you tired? Depressed? In pain? Not horny enough? Got hot flashes? You need a pill. Maybe the purple pill. Or the blue one. You need to pay a significant part of your monthly income on pills. Got cancer? or AIDS? or any chronic life threatening condition? Well, wake up Pooky! You'll never see a cure for your condition .... but you might see a profitable "treatment". Drug pushers call it "the come-back money".

    Governments need slaves. Has it ever occured to anyone that most legislative functions and politics could be eliminated if governments automatically operated on a simple percentage basis? ( "our revenue has dropped 10%, so everybody gets 10% less"). They need you to work hard so they can drain you with endless taxes and user fees and fines and surtaxes. They need you for wars. And votes. And for believeing that whatever good they attempt doesn't have opposite consequences.

    And finally....

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society needs slaves. They need people who attend meetings endlessly, even though they half close their eyes thru the whole thing and can't remember much of any of it. They need slaves who will mindlessly defend them despite every scandal and evidence of carelessness towards the publishers. They need slaves who "must get their time in", even though that time is wasted amidst "preaching" activity, spent slowly strolling from door to door or in pursuit of "calls" on opposite sides of a rural county.

    They need slaves to open their wallets freely. They need slaves who will dump their own family members and children, largely because critical thinking otherwise is a chore they want to avoid.

    This is one of the most fundamental truths about our world that I can express: Never unreservedly place yourself in complete dependence on anyone else. That's what my years at Bethel taught me!

    Don't let anyone make you their slave. Love, marriage, jobs, religion, whatever.... Avoid slavery.


  • VIII


    The *S* word.

  • Hopscotch

    There's one slave we definitely don't want:

    The Faithful and Discreet one.


  • Lillith26

    another hole in one for Metatron!

  • Anti-Christ

    Numqam venalis. I have this tattooed on my wrists. It's Latin for never a slave. I have no dept. I am going to buy some land to grow my own food then I am really going to be free from the system. Now I just go along because it is convenient but no bank owns me. Most of my friends keep asking me why I won't by a house. "You can afford it" they say. Yea right.

  • bluecanary

    This be the choir to which you preach.

  • mkr32208

    ...Ummm NO, most of those things were just conspiracy theory rants. A slave can't usually buy his freedom you can pay off a credit card (or just not get one... Or even just don't pay it sure your credit is messed up but so what what slave can just say I don't wanna do this anymore?) Ok so then we have the drug company line... BS the drug company is NOT in the business of making your sick because if they were then competitors would come along and make you well and they would go out of business... But that doesn't fit into your conspiracy theory...

    Then government, and religion... Yeah, I'm with you on that one!!!

  • Anti-Christ

    Yea you can't just say "no I don't want to pay taxes" or "no I don't want to be part of your government" But you can decide to not get a loan that's why I stay away from that.

  • JeffT

    I'll agree on the WTBS, the rest of it is blather. Slaves don't have money.

  • villabolo

    JeffT: "Slaves don't have money."

    In the Roman empire a slave could buy his freedom.

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