Australia rocks!

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  • Mattieu

    Yes Australia rocks! And Melbourne has the best live music scene in the world! Add to the list of great Aussie bands – The Presets!


  • doofdaddy

    I am too stubborn to learn how to attach U Tube clips but there was a guy (died a few yrs ago) called Billy Thorpe (and the Aztecs) who was the LOUDEST band I have ever heard! He was my idol as a teen, growing my hair long and getting an earring at 15......LOL

    Many in the States think he is American, as he was quite popular in the South. He stopped playing a lot of music in the 80's and early 90's, to make millions in America designing and creating children's toys.

    He came back here and started playing just as loud as ever.

    RIP Billy

  • BabaYaga
  • avishai

    Brinjen, I LOVE TISM

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