Imputation- do you agree?

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  • Lillith26

    Imputation is the concept that we are all sinners because of the original sin of Adam. And our only redemption is found in the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross/Stake. Imputation implies that guilt passes from person to person from generation to generation, and redemption is passed from Christ to us. We are denied an afterlife in heaven or immortality on earth because of the sins of our fathers (not to mention the fact that the rules are set up so that being without sin is impossible for any human). We cannot attain salvation on our own. Nothing we do directly can save us from hell or a second death etc... We can obtain salvation only through faith in another. . No action we took on our own condemned us, and no action we can take on our own can save us.

    The concept defies all reason. It makes no sense at all. But without original sin and redemption, there is no Christianity. You can never be perfect/good enough to get into heaven or live forever. You have to unconditionally accept what someone else claimed when they wrote it down a couple of millennia ago. Imputation is Christianity's centre of gravity. Without the concept, the house of cards all falls down.

    You really don't have to criticize anything else in the entire Bible. Deciding to not accept the imputation of original sin and redemption refutes Christianity in its entirely.

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    Ahhhh ... could you repeat the question.

    Rub a Dub

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